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This has helped

Interestingly, when I showed my endocrinologist the products, he said this is the one I should be taking. I’m still on my first bottle and will await results as time goes on. Still a bit foggy sometimes, but I’m feeling a bit better.

Gut Bomb

I was test driving this probiotic for my patients. Love it. Recommending it to them all.

I feel better taking this supplement!

Protein powder

Very happy with my purchase. I like the way it mixes. I use it with almond milk. It is delicious. This replaces my morning coffee. I have more energy throughout the day. It has helped with my hot flashes and I am sleeping better. Would recommend.

T3 Support

I haven’t seen or felt any difference while taking this supplement.

Increased energy

I have seen a change in my energy levels and my thyroid levels are finally where they need to be. I am very happy with this product and the whole Hashimoto's Bundle.

Not completely sure, but confident it is working.

I am not a doctor. but if you have an issue with hair loss couple with slow thyroid function, i would recommend, the Thyroid Hair Regrowth. My hair has been shedding by the handfuls, but gonna give it a try, as i read elsewhere that the weaker hair sheds and stronger hair grows in. and as much as i thought i should be bald by now, i do have some volume. i use the leptin, and berberine, because i have high sugar, so, i don't think you can treat in isolation. do your research. read. learn. understand. i would recommend the thyroid hair regrowth. also, exercise. Just 30 minutes every day. you will be amazed. I could never lose one pound. i am down a dress size, after 2 months. Best of luck to you all. thank you for reading.

Ultra Biotic X100

I cannot really write a review, good or bad because I am not certain that I am receiving any benefit. I am not having any problems with bowel elimination. Does Ultra Biotic help that? I have not weighed recently but I do not think I have lost any weight. I am also taking Berberine 500x and Leptin Resistance Rx. I am disappointed but not giving up. I am not exercising because of lower back pain.

I’m not sure yet, but still hopeful

I’ve only been taking the product for a bit less than a month. I can’t really tell any difference yet.

Thicker Hair

After just a month of taking this my hair seems thicker!

Feeling great

I was feeling such brain fog and couldn’t shake it... since I’ve been taking these the brain fog has lifted and I have more energy throughout my day.

High Potency Omega

This omega 3 is by far the easiest for me to digest. There’s absolutely no after taste either..so far so good.

Will buy again

I’m 2 weeks into using the “gut bomb” so glad I decided to try if. I’m feeling more energized, sleeping better, I feel like I’m digesting good getter. No list meal fatigue of brain fog.

I love how well I feel right now!

I have been feeling really good. I have no problem getting up in the morning anymore. As soon as my eyes open I’m ready to pop out of bed and start my day. My energy stays great all day and I no longer get tired mid-day. My mind feels sharper and I noticed how much better I’m able to focus on things. I’m currently taking 3 every morning. Very happy with this product and I will continue to take.

Hi Alyssa,

I'm so glad it's helping you with your energy! Thanks for sharing 🙂


I just finished my first order of the hair regrowth complex and am already seeing an improvement. I have tried other products without success, but I definitely am seeing results with the Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex. I am placing my next order!!

Hi Helen,

I'm so glad it's helping! Thanks for sharing 🙂

just started but so far so good

Hi Sharon,

Glad it's working out!

Protein shake

Really like the taste. Have began to drink it later in the day when I get hungry, helps curbs cravings and keeps me full. It’s the first protein shake that doesn’t upset my stomach.

Hi Sam,

I'm glad you have figured out how to best use it in your situation! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Beginning to feel more like myself!

Sometimes it's hard to know if a supplement has helped. Usually, you're throwing several things at a problem, so it's a challenge to know if one of them worked. But in this case, I really do feel this supplement has finally made a difference. I am feeling more like myself with some energy, which then leads in to do a lot more things that are good for me.

Hi Diane,

I definitely agree that it can be hard to know if a supplement is working! Thank you for sharing and I'm glad you feel it's helping 🙂

T3Conversion Booster

I really don't know if it will increase useful thyroid availability or not, but sounds promising. Don't know for sure if that is my problem, but hoping!

Hi Sherry,

This product helps improve T4 to T3 conversion which is important for just about every thyroid patient 🙂

T3 Conversion Booster - Naturally Support T4 to T3 Conversion

It works!

I have a history of thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy almost 10 years ago.  I’m always TIRED and sleepy especially around noon. Most times by 7pm I’ll be extremely exhausted and even feel shaky.  I’m not sure if it’s just in my mind but I literally felt a difference on the first day of taking this supplement. I feel like I have way more energy throughout the day and I can get so much done.  I also feel more balanced and able to focus better.  I’ll probably continue to take this supplement for a really long time.  Thank you!

Hi Editha,

I'm glad it's helping with your energy levels! And, just so you are aware, we have plenty of people who say they notice an almost immediate improvement so you wouldn't be alone there 🙂

Adrenal Reset Complex

I use the A.R.C II to help with my adrenal gland and stress. It is awesome! I noticed right away that I had more energy. I use it in combination with Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex. I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any and I have more energy. I would recommend this product for anyone with hypothyroidism.

Hi Judith,

I'm glad it's helping with your energy and stress! Thank you for sharing and for recommending it 🙂

Not sure

Umm, i honestly am not sure if this supplement provided any benefit but I'm gonna keep taking it because your videos have helped me so much with my overall journey and I'm so grateful.

Hi Shumila,

I'm glad you found the videos helpful! It can be hard to figure out if something is working or not as it depends on the individual and the severity of their disease/conditions. Some people need to take products longer than others to see improvement if they tend to be on the more severe side of things.

Not sure if the bundle is for me

I started the bundle when it arrived. I was already on the T3 conversion conversion. I started experiencing constipation contacted Dr. Child’s. They assured me there was nothing in the product but to back off of the functional fuel detox, I was using this with 2 scoops as a meal replacement. I backed off of several things to see what was affecting me.
I need to find out if there is a better time of day to take Adrenal and Glandular. Also on my visit to meet with my new HMO Doc she didn’t even see Hashimoto'sin my numbers. Last Doc said it was very low so this might not be what I need.

Hi Kelly,

If you've ever been told you have Hashimoto's then that is the best bundle for you, even if your antibodies are not high at this point in time 🙂 In regards to the thyroid glandular, the best time of day to take it is usually in the morning before noon! Using 2 capsules at this time of day is best.

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