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Noticeable improvement

Bought this for my wife to try, she had her thyroid removed several yrs ago. After a couple weeks i noticed she had a better mood and more energy in the morning, several days later she told me the same thing, gonna try the T2 next.


First of all the liquid is intolerable. Really foul tasting and caused indigestion.. So I bought empty capsules and filled them with the liquid. Easier to take but still has caused indigestion. However, I was willing yo keep taking it, but latest bloodwork showed NO improvement in my numbers. Would never recommend this “medicine.”

HOPEFUL for T2 Booster

I have just started the T2 booster, and I am hopeful it will help regulate weight, weight gain. It’s easy to use, and I plan on continuing.

T2 Cream

Greetings! You have asked for a 45-day review of the T2 Cream (Topical Bio-Identical T2 Thyroid Hormone). My initial response is that 45 days is simply not enough time to anecdotally conclude that the cream has significantly (or not significantly) impacted my thyroid function. There are a number of variables to consider, and each Thyroid patient is unique in their response to supplements and/or medication(s). I have assigned the product an interim (45-days) rating of "3" because I do feel that the product is potentially making a positive impact. I rarely provide "reviews", as most are nothing but digital noise. However, as health improvements are a universal concern for all, I felt it was important to leave a very unbiased and logical review which may help others. I intend to continue to use the product (along with my other supplements/medication) and closely monitor for potential results. For reference, I am an active 53 y/o female, living with hypothyroidism for 25+ years. Graves disease runs in the family. I maintain a gluten free and (mostly) vegetarian (not vegan- but tons of veg/greens) diet which helps with energy levels. I take a combination of desiccated thyroid hormone and levothyroxine. In summary, I feel this product (T2 Cream) could prove useful for a variety of patients and I would be interested to know what others have experienced with the product. Bottom line - 45 days is not enough time to come to a conclusion, even anecdotally. Thank you for asking my opinion. Kind Regards, - Leah C.


My energy is improved. I think it helps with metabolism.

Happy uograde to my thyroid function

Each day I concoct a yogurt gruel of my Dr. Child's vegetarian protein powder, with opened capsules of daily thyroid Essentials (4) and T3 Conversion Booster (2) mixed in. It really tastes yummy and is very satiating. It suataons me through the day to dinner. I am enjoying the nutrition and it's energizing boost. Thank you Dr. Child's! I haven't felt this good in years and am confident my thyroid function will continue to get even better as I continue your supplements regimen. No doctor ever gave me this vital guidance before!

Thyroid Essentials

Have almost finished my bottle of the Essentials. I believe that it will take some time before I notice a large difference. However I am very satisfied with the product, they dont upset my stomach and I am starting to lose some weight for the 1st time in 25 years.

It helped

It helps me with regularity, which I think could help in the long run with weight lose….but as we all know , with hypothyroidism it’s a long road and weight loss is difficult.

T2 bottle

I’m still not sure I’m using the correct amount. The bottle does not want to pump out like it should I think the product is working but I’m not sure.

Great supplement

I started taking glandulars in September 2023 and have been very happy. Despite normal thyroid levels after a TT, I still felt something was missing. After a month I started to notice improvements with brain fog, cognition and recall. I've also felt less exhausted when I wake up despite having good sleep. This will be one supplement I will always take.

Weight Loss

I have been taking berberine for several months now and with dietvand exercise, have been able.to lose almost 10 pounds, which I struggled with before after my TT. Very happy with the product.

T2 Cream

I love the idea of a thyroid cream that I can apply anytime and not worry about taking it without food like normal thyroid meds. But the container it is in didn't work well. In fact, the pump stopped working after a couple of days. I have opened it up and I am using a Q-tip to get the T2 Cream out. I will be ordering a new one soon and hope the next one works better.

Thyro Biotic

I have a compromised thyroid due to having had radiation 36 years ago, due to having Hodgkin’s Disease. I have been on Armour Thyroid since I was 27. At 58 I developed Hashimotos and began my journey of special diets, etc. I have had no issues at all for the past 4 years!
1 year ago I began Dr. Westin Childs Thyroid maintenance supplements, as I felt at 62 it could give my compromised Thyroid a helping hand! It has really increased my energy levels and best of all, no more hot flashes. 2 months ago I also added Dr. Westin Child’s Thyro Biotic to my maintenance routine, as I did my research on Prebiotics and probiotics and now know how important it is to maintain a healthy gut. In just 2 months I can feel the difference it makes! My cloths fit me better and my bowels are functioning like clock work! Thank you again Dr. Childs for all your help!❤️ PS. My husband also thanks you!


This set of supplements have helped me have more energy and better skin and hair. I will buy again. Thanks

Easy to use

I have been using for a little while, but seems to be giving me more energy

Tastes and smells like vanilla graham crackers

This is my favorite protein powder. I need to just subscribe. Seriously good stuff!

Essential t2

Essential t2 definately increased my metabolic rate. It was proven by temperature and increased heart rate. I also lost back fat and chest fat after 30 days of taking daily. I highly recommend this product. Dr. Westin Childs product is superb!

Amazing supplements!

I absolutely love Dr. Childs' supplements! Alongside my Tirosint medication, I've noticed a significant difference when I accidentally miss a day of taking these supplements. While I won't have my blood work done until July, I'm eagerly anticipating the improvements. I'm committed to continuing with these supplements. Additionally, I've recently started the weight loss bundle, and I'm excited to see its impact on my journey as well.

Works Great!

I used to take a different thyroid support supplement, and didn't feel any different, but as soon as I started on the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex I could detect a difference in mood, function and longevity. Really helpful supplement, I will be continuing it!

Helpful Supplement!

Since taking Essential T2, I notice lasting energy and better sleep. Very helpful!


I am pleased with your updated version of Berberine. Between the Berberine and the low-dose Naltrexone I am taking it has helped with getting my hunger under control. I will continue to take it for that reason and because I feel it is helping with my gut health. I have had no adverse reactions at all.

Thyroid Daily Essentials Multivitamin

I feel so much better since I started taking these multivitamins. I have more energy, my hair , skin and nails have improved as well as my sleep. My thyroid nodules have stopped growing and I am no longer estrogen dominant. I'm a customer for life

So excited for the new T2 Cream!

I've been using this cream for about a month now and I'm excited to see what results I will get from it. My understanding is that it will take about 6 weeks to see results, possibly longer. I have noticed I have more energy, especially in the evening when I tend to be more tired. I'm hoping it will help with weight loss after I've been on it for a few months. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Energy and food cravings gone

I take this along with T3 Conversion Booster. I noticed improvement in my energy level right away. I forgot to take them yesterday and grazed all day. I won’t let that happen again.

Increased energy!

More energy!! I feel that I'm doing the best for my body possible. My thyroid was removed in 1992. In the past 14 days (45 days using T2 Cream) I'm feeling great!
Thanks for your dedication Dr. Childs!!

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