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Just had thyroidectomy November 19th, 1 Wk post surgery I had my first blood work done and despite of the increased of my medication Dr had prescribed from 75-100mg THS results were terrible. I immediately ordered glucose fiber, thyroid glandular, and two other products And I’m so i love with them! I have not gained any weight post surgery and recovering strength:)

Love this product!

For the first time in a long time I actually feel full when I eat my meals!

One stop shop

I've been piecing together my supplements for years, wondering if I'm taking the right combo to best support my thyroid. So glad that I found Dr. Childs, and I love this combo pack. So convenient to have everything in one packet and to know that it has everything I need. It may look expensive at first glance, but it is actually a great value for everything included. I will repurchase!

Liquid Vitamin D

This is a great product in the winter. Easy to take and tastes pretty good. Highly recommend. Joann

Hashimoto's Bundle

I love the products! They have improved & changed my life in so many ways!!! I plan to take them for the rest of my life! Thanks, Dr. Childs! God bless you!!!

Noticeable Difference

Started to notice a difference after about 3 weeks. Feeling better and fuller. Not as dramatic as I thought it would be, but still good.

Great product!

I’ve been using this for 6 months now and what a difference it makes! I have more energy and just function better overall! I highly recommend it!

GlucoSlow Fiber - Natural Propolmannan Fiber for Appetite & Weight Control

Hanging in There

I have taken the Raw Thyroid Glandular + for 3 weeks & believe that I feel some better but not 100% yet. I took a "before" photo & one at the 3rd week mark but there is little (read: no) difference. I am hanging in there though. I will take photos also at weeks 5 & 6. [FYI...I just ordered the T3 Conversion Booster which is what I wanted in the first place, so greater improvement might be on the horizon.]

So far so good!

I'm almost done with my first bottle. So far so good. Will be repurchasing.


I can tell HUGE difference in my body and my overall health and spirit since being on Dr Childs products. I am so grateful these products are available and that Dr Childs shares his knowledge with us!! You won’t regret investing in these!!

Pure Liquid Vitamin D3

I was very excited to see this vitamin on menu. Back in mid Sept’19, I was prescribed an over the counter vitamin D3 of 5000 ml/day due to my bloodwork results that I am very deficient of this vitamin. I was out of endo specialist care almost 3yrs and had radiation treatment 19yrs ago and trying to get my thyroid disease back to “normal” functioning as possible. While I was taking a brand I purchased from my local pharmacy, I was unsure how much vitamin I actually was absorbing. Wasn’t feeling much difference and still feeling fatigue and tired. My next endo appt is in a fews months and I am very hopeful that my results will show improvement and my V3 dosage will be lower. With Dr. Childs’ vitamin D3 liquid, I went from taking 5000ml for a few days down to 2000ml. I am looking forward to an improvement to my vitamin D3 deficiency. The taste is pleasant and dosage is easy to measure and take. This is a great price for premium quality and quantity.

This stuff is great!

I purchased the hair regrowth for my mom. She loves it. She has had less hair fall out and between 2-3 bottles, she noticed new hair growth! Thank you!

Seeing the difference

I've only been taking this for about a month now. But seems to be working. Can feel and see the difference. Hoping it will work even more with round 2.

Much improved

These supplements are very beneficial! My energy has improved.

Hashimoto’s bundle

I have been consistently tired for years, despite taking thyroid medication and supplements. Since I started taking this bundle, I find myself with more energy and focus - something I haven’t had in years!

Steady Progress

I found that my protruding stomach that happened with eating has stopped.
I feel a foundation being built to my energy.
Inflammation levels have improved throughout body.
Gradual inches of weight loss are happening - body getting into proper alignment - know its working not sure how.

It works (this is a real review BTW)!

I have hypothyroidism and I am a 49 yo female.

I have been craving salt for a long time especially at night and I couldn’t figure out why and my PCP and ND never gave me any answers. My shoulders were up to my eyeballs due to stress and nothing was working to help elevate it, even working out didn’t help. I had been taking other products by Dr. Childs and I when I googled my issues, it pointed back to my adrenals.

I emailed Dr. Childs with my issues and asked about ARC II and he emailed me back right away! I also asked about taking the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex as well and he said yes. I knew my symptoms were pretty bad so I decided to go for it.

I am happy to say that I am not craving salt at night or during the day! My stress levels have gotten much better (and this is with two teens and a husband during COVID).

I am very thankful for Dr. Childs help and advice because I do feel better!

Love my products

I have been using the products for about a month and I was skeptical but I do think I am noticing an improvement. Looking forward to seeing the doctor and having labs done that will be the true test.

Noticeable change

Definitely feeling the difference using the Thyroid Daily Essentials. I took it for a month then decided to see how I felt off of it. After 2 weeks of feeling tired and worn down I'm so much better back on it!

Berberine 500+ [Powerful Berberine HCL + ALA Weight Loss Formula]

Good product

I've just been taking this for about 1 month so it's hard to know if its working. But no bad side effects at all.

Thyroid daily essentials

I have been taking these for like 3 weeks now and feel more energetic, they help with my mood, feeling more upbeat and also they cut down my appetite which is great. Will have my blood work done end of Jan and and will compare results.

Feeling Great

I tried this supplement about 3 weeks ago. I feel like I have more energy and less sluggish. I am hoping these will assist me in my weight loss plans!

Huge Difference!

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex has made all the difference for me. I used to feel exhausted every morning & if I hadn’t had 9+ hours of sleep the night before, i felt sick & shaky all day. My adrenals have been messed up since my last child was born. I’m only 29 & had to start working again. i would have been forced to quit by now(due to these health issues) if not for this supplement & the other thyroid supplements i take daily from Dr. Westin Childs. I feel like my normal self again. i can exercise & function on 7-8 hours of sleep each night. 

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