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T3 Conversion Booster

I'm giving this 3 stars because I am taking a bunch of Dr. Westin Childs supplements. Maybe I didn't need them like I thought I did. I haven't felt any different from how I felt just taking the Essential T2. These supplements are too expensive for me. I'm letting them all run out. I have T3 Conversion Booster, Essential T2 and Hashimoto Ab Rx left. I have actually gained weight since taking the supplements. I'm sure it's about finding the right concoction for myself for them to work best. I recommend people buy their own lab tests and take those results to their doctors to seek more appropriate treatment options.

Hypo Bundle - Lab Results

Wow! If you are reading this and on the journey to figuring out your thyroid health, then you know that there are a TON of "experts" ready to sell you their products, their programs, etc. It can be overwhelming! And expensive.

I've been on this journey for about 4 years now. Initially, wanting to avoid all Rx, but eventually got on Armour, then NP thyroid.

I was reviewing Dr. Childs' many helpful articles and videos for some time before I decided to purchase his Hypo Bundle. I had just had bloodwork done about 1.5 months before beginning, and a medical appointment about 3 weeks before receiving his product. My provider agreed to let me try a more natural route rather than increase Rx, as my TSH was at 10.15. I had been on another product, but decided to drop it, as I was concerned about getting too much iodine.

So I was thrilled that it came down to 3.04 after only about 5 weeks using the hypo bundle! I was so happy I literally cried! I had not seen my TSH in the "green" zone since before I knew to even pay attention to TSH! I know from functional medicine standpoint, it could still be lower -- so I will keep going with all that I am doing to improve. My other thyroid labs improved as well. And honestly, I was using the T2 incorrectly most of the time -- taking it with the others rather than earlier with the NP Rx.

I had also been tracking my morning basal temp since using Dr. Childs' products, watching it steadily go up. From a symptom standpoint, I feel I could still use more energy. I'm shifting the diet again - more diligence on the GF and DF. I'm also a yoga instructor for over 20 years and have recently gone deeper into daily practice of specific pranayamas to support thyroid health, as well as yoga nidra practice - I highly recommend these practices for everyone here. My goal is to get off of Rx completely.

I am so thrilled with these results. I'm planning to add in a few of his other products. Thank you, Dr. Childs!


I just started using the T2 this month. I feel like it’s working. I’ve noticed I have less muscle pain and my clothes are fitting better! I just received my second bottles and will continue to use this supplement. This seems to work well with my Armour thyroid medication very well

Using for 1 Month - Gut Feeling Better

I've been using Thyro Biotic for about a month now and am noticing less issues with my gut. I have been dealing with hypothyroidism for close to 20 years and am on T4 and T3. I also have been deficient in certain vitamins and I think this is due to my gut health. While I haven't been tested again for those deficiency, I do feel adding this to my routine is helping my gut feel a bit happier.

Hyper Thyroid Supplement Package, Positive Results

So far I've taken 2 rounds of the hyper thyroid 30 day supplement package.
First lab after 30 days showed improvement in all levels.
Second lab after 3 months now shows normal in all levels.
Another improvement I didn't realize during the regement was abcents of heartburn. I didn't reorder the package to wait for next lab and see if improved levels would remain stable.
It's been about a month without taking these supplements and heartburn has returned.
The hyper thyroid supplement package works for me, however this package does not provide sufficient quantities to last the full regement. You will run out of some items before others loosing the benefit of a "complete package". It's expensive reordering individual items to fill the shortages. Would be nice to receive quantities that run out at the same time.

Leptin Resistance

I love this product! I have been losing weight, my appetite has been reduce.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex | Hair, Skin, & Nail Support for Thyroid Patients

It Actually Works!

I’m on my 3rd bottle of the Leptin Resistance and I’m so happy with it. My appetite has been reduced and I don’t feel like finishing my plate because I’m not as hungry! I’ve had zero side effects. It’s a slow weight loss process and that’s the best way to lose weight. It’s pretty expensive but that’s the only bad thing about it.
I also am regularly ordering all things for Hashimotos, adrenal gland help and more. Dr Child’s, I’m so thankful for you and all of your knowledge. You’ve helped me with several autoimmune diseases I deal with.
Forever Thankful,
Tanya P

Bundle review

I absolutely love my bundle. Since I have started, I am no longer on my NP thyroid. When my thyroid is low, my first sign is thinning hair. I have not had any hair thinking issues.

Added benefit

I’ve had this for a month I’m praying I start to see fat loss. Which is my goal I’m doing all the right things!

Concerned that T4, T3 Dropped and TSH Increased Since Starting This

I started taking this two months ago, along with the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex. My labs came back today with my T4 and T3 having decreased, and my TSH has increased. They were all holding steady over the year prior. This seems counterintuitive to the information on this site, but I found this study :https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4272398/#:~:text=A%20particular%20point%20of%20concern,with%20unknown%20long%2Dterm%20consequences

, which discussed certain doses of T2 resulting in suppression of the HPA axis, T3, T4.

Could this result be dose dependent? I'm going to discontinue the T2 but continue with the Thyroid Adrenal Complex and retest in 60 days. I welcome any thoughts on this.

Essential T2 | Bioidentical T2 Thyroid Hormone (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine)

Support that's working

I've been taking this for about 4 months and am feeling better and noticing improvements in many areas! I'm a customer for life!

Great Response

I just got my order. But I had such a great response I had to let you know. It was the difference between night and day.
Much more energy, less pain ,and more like my happy self! Thank you!

Stronger hair, nails

Grateful for this supplement. I wish I had before /after pics. I definitely have stronger hair, nails and my eyebrows seem fuller. Plus this one product replaces 3-4 other supplements I was taking.

Hypothyroid Bundle

I will only give 3 stars for now. I do watch what I eat and my weight still is an issue with me. Truly, I am not sure if these are working for me yet as I have not been to my primary physician for the proper blood work. Once I see those numbers, I will be able to gauge whether or not this is really working for me.

Did nothing for me

I don't want to give it too bad a rating since it's a good product as far as I can tell. It just didn't do a thing for me, no increase of energy and no change in weight I'm sad to report. I waited till I finished the entire bottle to review. Perhaps you need to take it longer but with no change at all, I won't be buying this again. I hope it works for others.

I’m not sure if the product is working yet but I’m taking it everyday also I don’t want to lose weight. I have grave’s disease and I have lost too much weight

I havn’t received what I ordered. 🙁 The parcel didn’t arrive, so can’t give feedback on the products.

Hi Asa,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay in receiving your shipment! I just looked at the tracking and it looks like it was delivered as of September 20th. Please check your mail and if you have any other issues, please let me know by replying to this email or emailing us at hello@restartmed.com.

great results

I added the Adrenal Reset Complex to my normal regimine of Thyroid Glandular and T-3 Conversion Booster that I started taking a year ago as I cold turkey quit my thyroid meds that I was told by every doctor that I would need to be on the rest of my life. I was on a pretty big dose of both Cytomel and Armour for 22 years. In my heart of hearts I believed that my body could and would make thyroid again if I got everything out of it's way that would prevent it (processed foods, toxins in products, etc) and added support (Dr Childs regime) It worked and I could not be happier and grateful that I am not dependant on a pharmacy for my survival. I know his supplements were the biggest part of it because I ran out and I started to feel really slow, tired sore legs, slow digestion, just overall sluggish. I placed my order (they ship fast btw) and a week later I felt like me again. I added Adrenal to the mix because why not? I feel great and I am not sure if it was just getting back on my original stack or if adding this helped but I will continue to take all three and am forever grateful to Dr Westin Childs knowledge and dedication to help people like me to not suffer and live a high quality life

No thyroid for over 10 years

I’ve almost completed 3 month of your supplements- bundle for no thyroid plus regrowrh complex. I believe I may have Hashimotos perhaps stage 3 to 4. Thyroglobulin over 25
Endocrinologist has reordered labs in a few weeks to rule out thyroid cancer return-ultrasound was totally clear.
Any suggestions?
I enjoy your information and videos-thyroid issues are too complex for most of us…I’m researching your diet suggestions-not easy to do, as well-but I am trying. Thanks!!


I did not notice positive benefits.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex | Hair, Skin, & Nail Support for Thyroid Patients

I started taking this supplement and am very pleased to report that my nails and hair have seen significant improvement! I have been taking the supplement for a little over a month. My hair loss has lessened and my nails are not as brittle. I'm loving the product.

t2 makes me feel better

I really have not done the research to prove that this works but I almost instantly started feeling a bit better. Hoping it will do the things I think it will.


i don't feel any difference yet. My TSH is still off even though Synthroid dose was raised and i have been using Hashimoto’s bundle

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