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Product Success

The T3 Conversion Booster does work. Prior to taking this supplement, I was always tired in the afternoon. My thyroid medication alone was not helping. Now I have more energy and never get that feeling of being exhausted.


I am using the T3 conversion and hair vitamins. I am happy with the improvement, but I am still having problems. I havent been able to eliminate gluten due to I have to be tested for celiac disease and this might be the problem as to why I am still losing hair (though not as much) and I am extremely fatigued with body aches (not as bad). I have 2 weeks to go, then I can go back to gluten free which was helping tremendously. I feel then I will see the optimal results of the supplements. I am still happy with them and will continue to use them.


Still waiting to see full results, these things take time.
I will be ordered a repeat once my sticks are required.
With thanks in advance

Made such a big difference

I have had a thyroidectomy, and my doctor discontinued my levothyroxine that I took with my Synthroid. I was steadily gaining weight and found Dr. Child's protocols, and have been following his program. I feel better, have more energy and am losing weight.

I love this product

On my interment fasting days, I have a shaker of Functional Fuel. It blends smoothly, taste great, and keeps me full until dinner. It feeds my sugar craving so I am not snacking all afternoon.

Absolutely Amazing!

Gut Bomb and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex has been amazing, feeling fantastic and have lost weight too. My stomach has never felt so great,I have so much energy and my general health has never felt so alive! Have reordered both products and looking at adding some other supplements too. Thank you Dr Westin Childs, your products are a blessing to my health.
Sharlene Van Rooy

Improved Energy!

I have suboptimal T3 and T4 levels with high reverse T3. So far, I am feeling much better. Around the same time that I started this supplement, I also added a low dose T3 to my Amour thyroid. I no longer need the afternoon naps and have increased energy through out the day. Thank you!

Great product

this product is amazing , i have more energy and mental focus

A.R.C II (Adrenal Reset Complex Adaptogens)

This is my first time using the A.R.C II. I paired it with the T3 Conversion Booster and the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex. Adding the A.R.C.II to my thyroid supplication really packed a punch. My energy levels have improved so much more. My stress levels and the effects of stress levels on my body decreased big time. The fatigue is far less too and that's a huge plus for me. It feels wonderful to wake up in the morning and actually feel like you slept well. The A.R.C.II is a must have and should be paired with the T3 Booster and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex...the TRIPLE THREAT towards a better, optimal functioning thyroid. Thanks a billion Dr. Childs.

Thyroid adrenal reset complex

Began taking this after blood work showed elevated tsh. After 3 month tsh was significantly lower. I sleep better, have more energy.

In distress

I have been taking these together for over one month now and have not seen any difference. I am afraid that I may be using incorrectly or taking at the wrong time. Please help!!!

Hi VG,Please reach out to us via email at [email protected] and we can make sure that you are taking them appropriately 🙂 You can also respond directly to this email as well.
ARC II - So Far So Good

After my primary care would not change from Synthroid to Nature Throid decided to take my health into my own hands ... is it a smart move, only I will be able to tell.
I have been using this along with Thyroid Adrenal Reset and T3 Conversion Booster for approximately 3-months and feel good. I changed to a D.O. as my primary care and requested the thyroid tests that Dr. Childs suggested (I felt new doc was hesitant at first, but did what I asked him to do). Once I have those labs will compare to the Normal/Optimal chart I printed from website. Very pleased with all the products I have purchased from here.

Thyroid supplements

I’ve noticed an improvement in my energy and my brain fog is going away.

T3 conversion

So far no difference. Honestly feel I need Cytomel to increase my T3 and lower my reverse T3. thx

Hi Jennifer,You may need to do both simultaneously, depending on how well your thyroid is functioning. T3 conversion booster is not a replacement for thyroid medication but it can definitely enhance the effects of thyroid medication when used together.
T3 Conversion Booster

My husband and I both had high levels of Reverse T3. Used the T3 Conversion Booster for two months and then checked our levels. My level came down quite a bit using this product but I will still continue because I am still slightly high. My husband did not have the same improvement. His was only a slight improvement but he will continue for another two months to see if it helps.

Not seeing any difference

I’m becoming alarmed after spending quite a bit of money on these supplements I’ve been taking thyroid reset and t3 booster for about a month now and have seen no weight loss. I do feel unusually tired after I take the pills though which is confusing.

Hi Vg,Just a reminder that this supplement (the one you are leaving a review for) is NOT a weight loss supplement. You will see some people who state that they lose weight while using it, which does occur, but I do not recommend you use it in this way.If you are interested in weight loss, or if that is your primary goal, then I would recommend that you use the following supplements: - Gut Bomb 350 Billion - Functional Fuel ENERGIZE - Leptin Resistance RX - Omega Soothe SRThese are much better suited for weight loss. You should ALWAYS use them in conjunction with diet and exercise as well for even better results.
Still interested

I’m started using this product 2 weeks ago and it seems like I’m seeing results but still too soon to tell. I will continue to use and see what continues to happen.

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex

I have been using the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex for a few months now. THIS product has been the only supplement that has given me back my energy, my fatigue has improved and I am finally losing the weight that I gained 5 years ago (have lost 16 lbs so far)... YAY!!! I will continue taking this supplement for awhile and see how I am doing in the New Year. Thank you Dr. Childs, you have given me my life back!

Adrenal & Thyroid Support

I have yet to notice any difference since taking this, maybe after I have taken it longer. I have definitely not had anything negative to say about this 🙂

Huge improvement with energy!

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 7 years ago. During that time I’ve easily gained weight and its been very hard to lose. I’ve been taking T3 conversion booster and T4 to T3 conversion supplements for a couple years now. With diet, I was able to lose 30 lbs, before even diet and exercise I couldn’t lose hardly anything. I also have enough energy to get through the day, where before I was a complete zombie, angry tired all the time no matter how much sleep I got. I’m so glad I tried these!

Hi Annie,Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad that it's working well for you! It sounds like you definitely figured out what works for your body.
Can you take multiple of your supplements together

I was wondering if it’s ok to take multiple supplements together: I.e your b-complex, t4 conversation, adrenal reset and (separate) vitamin D

Thank you

Hi Hannah,Yes, of course! They are meant to be combined with one another. I have a full list of combinations that I recommend (including doses) here: https://www.restartmed.com/supplement-guide/

Thyroid Daily Essentials - Thyroid Multivitamin with Fish Oil, Probiotics, Vitamin D & More

Gut Bomb

Love this product. It did not upset my stomach like most things I try to take. I was sharing this item at the chiropractors office just this week.

Taking the t3 converter didn’t go as planned

This maybe wasn’t a good product for me. I have no thyroid. All of it was removed. I took this to hell convert t4 to t3. I felt dizzy, nauseas, and over whelmed by anxiety. I wish it had worked. But i think maybe it’s just not for someone like me who doesn’t have a thyroid at all.

Hi Selena,Sorry for the issues! This product is definitely intended and can be used for those without a thyroid. Remember, most patients without a thyroid are taking T4 only medication which means they MUST convert that T4 into T3 or it simply won't work.We do see some people who are sensitive to the 2 capsules per day dose in which case you may have more success with 1 capsule per day. I would recommend that you start there and stick with it for at least a few weeks to see if you notice improvement (this seems to work for most sensitive people).
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