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Great B-complex

Finally a B vitamin that works orally. I've been looking for a B vitamin that doesn't need to be injected. This is as good as it gets to injections.
Dr. Westin explains in his podcast how these ingredients work and absorbs best, especially for Hypothyroid. I take a combination of his products, I feel better & sleep better.

Weight Loss Bundle Works!

I have only been taking for about a month or so but definitely plan on continuing this regimen for several more months. I cannot believe the amount of inflammation my body has....it's shocking. Joints and overall body already feel considerably better and I've lost a few pounds! While these supplements are pricier than a lot out there, I believe they're SUPERIOR in quality; and I've spent years and thousands of dollars trying what is considered "Top Quality". Give it a try, be dedicated in spirit and physical well being and your body will thrive. I also think it's extremely helpful Dr. Childs provides tips on the duration of time one needs to remain on certain supplements, although I will definitely be cycling through many of them indefinitely.

Excellent product

I have noticed that this product is making a difference. I know feel like my thyroid meds are working. Before this product I did not feel like I was benefiting from thyroid replacement.

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex | Combination Adrenal & Thyroid Support

Amazing benefits!

I had been struggling with losing weight no matter how much I exercised or how healthy I ate and within weeks of taking this and implementing intermittent fasting, I saw noticeable differences! This product was exactly what I need!

Quality Products With Helpful Doctor

I feel these are high quality supplements that give me the things my body needs to fight Hashimotos and thyroid disease. I am also very impressed with the amount of literature the doctor sends out to help educate you about your medical challenges. I also love how he answers questions on Facebook and provides a wealth of knowledge!

Being Honest

I’m giving this 3 stars because I am 3 weeks in to taking these supplements and I am not noticing any changes in how I’m feeling. I’m optimistic that I need to stay the course, so I’ll update again in a couple of weeks.

Leptin resistance

I have just taken this to see if I would lose weight but couldn’t really tell a difference however this was the only product I was taken and not any others

Great products

So far I’m very pleased with the results from taking this, my energy is improving daily.

Great supplement

When I ran out of the T3 booster and adrenal supplement I realized how much more energy I had. Now I will be buying them every 2 months. Helps so much.

Thyroid Friendly Protein Powder

I have been using the Vanilla Energize Thyroid Protein Powder daily for over a month now. I am mixing my Gut-Bomb packet in with the protein powder and water and it tastes great. I definitely have more energy and it’s a great way to start my day!!

Feeling good

After my TT I’m being struggling with my weight I’d gained 28 Lb, constipation and lack of energy. Since I started Dr Westin’s products, energy is good , minimum constipation and loss 3 lbs I am sure I’m gonna continue to purchase Dr Westin’s great products.

Gut bomb 350

These products are truly amazing!! Thank you

Great taste

I definitely feel better using this product in all the ways those of us with hypothyroidism struggle with combined with the other recommended products and it's quite palatable.

Protein Powder

I really like this thyroid friendly protein powder...I've been using it to make a breakfast smoothie with frozen fruit and either nonfat milk or a little all-fruit juice...it keeps me satisfied and filled up from 7 am until I take a really late lunch at around 2 pm! I'm giving 4 stars only because it does have a tiny bit of that "chalky" protein powder texture.

Gut Bomb

Newly being used but seems to be helping. Will update review later.

More energy

I make smoothies using this powder, some almond milk, and berries. It gives me more energy to get through the day!

Very satisfied

I have taken the supplement for several weeks now. It has really helped my right knee pain. I can really tell the difference!

Happy with the products I ordered and ready to place my next one.

I have been on T3 booster for over 3 mos...

I am really enjoying the clarity I have been experiencing for Dr. Childs product line! My energy levels are really great; which, helps me with my workout routine! I just ran another 1/2 marathon at 2hr 20min 7sec about 19 minutes faster than the first one I did in Sept 2019. I am shedding inches (no so much pounds), but inches which is way better because I am retaining muscle!! I am also practicing intermittent fasting. I highly recommend Dr. Childs product line.


Just starting to use this product that was highly recommended to me.

T3 Conversion Booster

I’ve been taking it every day since I got it. I’m not sure I’m really feeling any difference at this point but I’m excited to continue taking it to see what changes happen. I’m hoping for a boost in energy and some weight loss so we will see!

I believe it’s making a difference still out on being completely sure going to keep taking for a fill 3 months to make sure

Positive Results

I have completed a full month supply of Thyroid Daily Essentials within a month and a half because I took them about every other day to let my body adjust to the vitamins since I haven taken any for years. For me, this plan worked out great and I have seen positive results. My brain fog has started to get better, my hair that was thinning is starting to grow back and I feel like I have more energy to get through the day. I plan to purchase another box and take them daily and hope to see more improvements with my health.

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