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Thyroid Adrenal Reset & Thyroid Support

I have purchased these products for several months now. They both have helped to feel energized and lose the extra weight i was carrying around. I used to feel sluggish prior to using these products, but no longer! Thank-you for helping me to feel more like myself. I will continue buying these products for months to come.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex

I am so very thrilled with this product! My nails have gotten much stronger and less brittle. They don't break as easily as they use to and they look so much healthier then before!
My hair dresser keeps commenting on how much new hair growth I have going on, this is so positive! My hair was falling out in patches, I absolutely hated the thought of having to wash my hair because of how much of it would be falling out. I would literally cry from seeing the amount hair loss from washing and blow drying.
I can truthfully say that I no longer have that problem!! I couldn't be more thrilled with this product!
Everything I have purchased from Dr Westin Child so far has been so positive and definitely made a difference in my health!

Thyroid Chill has been GREAT!

Got this product for both hormonal balance and glucose metabolism...loving it! I take it at night because I struggle to slow my mind down at bedtime. Love that it also seems to be helping with more regular bowel movements.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex - #1 Thyroid Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin

Good product!..Recommended to my sister

I really like the product l! I know is working because my nails are growing very fast. I haven’t seen change on my hair yet. I’m hoping for great results!

Have not used it long enough

Since I just started using the hair regrowth product 28 days ago I haven't seen much of a change yet.Also since one of the side effects to the medication I am on is hair loss. Hopeing it will work.
Do plan to continue using it for a few more months.

I Feel Like My Pre-Thyroid Self

Along with my prescriptions these supplements have helped me feel normal again. Amazing!

Very helpful

Recovering from SIBO and intestinal candida, my digestion was still struggling. After a few days on the Gut Bomb, my digestion has improved greatly. Also could not seem to loose weight. Using gut bomb with a weight loss program has helped me start to loose weight as well. Loss is slower than I'ld like, but at least I am losing. Very good product.

Thank you!

After having a lobectomy last year my energy level felt like zero. Three months later arthritis kicked in and I didn’t want to move. I am so thankful for finding your site and products. I have finished my first canister of Functional Fuel and have noticed a huge difference. i didn’t reorder quick enough and have been out a week....really noticing a difference. I certainly don’t want to go backwards! Anxiously awaiting my next shipment! Thank you for making me feel good again!!!!

Thyroid Daily Essentials

I love that everything I need is in one pouch. Quick and easy to take.

Thyroid Friendly Protein powder

This is amazing!!! Have notice energy levels higher. Also like how after drinking I feel fuller longer, Feel better overall.


These products really seem to be working. Most recent blood test my thyroid numbers were perfect!

Awesome product!

I take this everyday and have lost 8 pounds in 28 days on the 60 day metabolism reset! I feel the most energized and great I have ever felt on a “diet”

Much improved

I felt better within a couple days.

Really works!

I've always enjoyed full, thick hair my entire life so, when I started experiencing hair loss after starting hormone therapy, I started looking into options and quickly learned about the benefits of taking biotin. After 3 weeks of taking this product twice per day (once at breakfast and once before bedtime), I'm seeing new hair growth where it had started to recede, less hair in my brush, and my hair seems fuller. A bonus is that my nails are also stronger!


Thank you Dr. Childs for your products. I do feel better and have more energy.

Wishing for good results

I think I need to wait until I have been using these for 60-90 days, and I’ll give you an honest review, thanks

Power B-Complex

This has allowed me to go off my synthroid. I feel great. Dr. Westin Childs has some great info on the true cause of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid essentials

I’ve been taking the supplements for 1 month and already feel a lot better! I plan on ordering more!

It really helps!

I'm on my second bottle. I take one in the morning and one around lunch. I definitely notice when I miss a dose. I think this really helps with my energy levels throughout the day.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex - #1 Thyroid Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin

A.R.C II (Adrenal Reset Complex - Adaptogens) - Non GMO, Vegan, Adrenal Formula


Worked well Overthinking is completely stopped!!

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex | Combination Adrenal & Thyroid Support

I feel my energy level is up and i am experiencing and increase feeling of overall well being

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