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Superior Product

For years I have struggled with thyroid issues and took many different supplements without realizing that many of them contained additives that were making me sick. This blend of supplements is everything and more without the "more" being additives that are no good for me.

You are absolutely correct to note that we don't unnecessarily pad our supplements with fillers. Glad to know you've finally found the right combination for your health needs!


This is a great supplement. Zero aftertaste!

Too many fish oil supplements really linger, taste-wise. I'm happy to note that ours doesn't and glad that this is true for you too!

Thyroid Daily Essentials - Complete Thyroid Multivitamin

I was exhausted all the time and when 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon came around I could hardly keep my eyes open and wanted to go to bed. Since starting this multivitamin I'm starting to feel better. I’ve also started taking a few of the other supplements but haven’t had any blood work done lately. Will continue taking this.

Having thyroid issues is no joke. Folks don't understand what a toll it takes on the body. Glad to know you are finding relief, and also starting to find some energy.

T3 Conversion Booster – Naturally Support T4 to T3 Conversion

I like the convenience of having all the supplements { I bought separately before} in one bottle. I feel better and more energy.

Having more energy this time of year is a gift you are giving yourself! Keep up the good work!

Omega Soothe SR - High Potency Omega

My blood test showed elevated cholesterol first time in my life, I decided to try natural supplements including Omega Soother SR. After taking it for two months I had a blood test again - my cholesterol level was normal,


I was hoping to loose weight. The scale hasn't moved and I really don't feel any differently.

You may find this link helpful:


Please note that for best results all of our weight loss supplements should be taken with a whole food diet, regular exercise, and intermittent fasting for best results! In addition, using all of these therapies will take a good 4-6 weeks before you see results. Long-lasting weight loss takes time but it's always worth it 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions. We can be reached at hello@restartmed.com

Essential T2

This product is AMAZING & just like all the other supplements/vitamins Dr. Westin Childs never disappoints!!!

Thanks for the wonderful review! We strive to provide only excellent products, and hearing from people like you makes it worthwhile! Keep up the good work!

Really helps my hypothyroidism symptoms especially the morning after over indulgence.

I've been taking this T2 supplement for just about a month now, and here's what I've noticed. I feel a general sense of more overall wellness, less anxiety, and I can tell the difference in my system if I miss even just one pill a day of dosage. Normally, I only take one a day and that works as long as I'm taking decent care of myself, exercising, eating right, and sleeping well. However, here's the thing. Occasionally I over-indulge in the wrong foods and my guilty pleasure red wine.. I notice if I take 2 caplets that morning on an empty stomach that is when I really notice the positive effects on my system. Unfortunately, that is how I really know this helps my hypothyroidism symptoms. For that reason alone I highly recommend this product as it seems to work as advertised... In my opinion it is essentially like an OTC drug designed for treating the symptoms of hypothyroidism especially for those with a busy and stressful career like me where you don't always treat your body the way that you should. =)

In this busy world, taking care of yourself when so many others are clamoring for your time and attention, can be super challenging. I applaud you for doing your best to be consistent in adding the supplements to your daily plan. It's not always easy to remember everything, so striving for consistency matters. Keep up the good work, and take a breath every now and then! 🙂

Feeling back to normal

I’m post RAI for nearly 20yrs. Since going thru menopause 2 years ago I’m was’nt absorbing NP Thyroid meds as well maybe due to hormonal changes? Estrogen resistance? Since being on the bundle package my last thyroid bloodwork I was slightly hyperthyroid.

So happy to hear you are feeling better! Your body has undergone some pretty significant things, so we celebrate wellness!

Have definitely noticed in increase in overall energy!

Thank you so much for making this product! I have no thyroid, and am taking T3 and T4. Since adding this I feel better overall, more normal, and have a lot more energy. I am almost through my first bottle and am going to order more. I truly appreciate your work in this area. Thank you!!!!

Thanks for your feedback! We are really happy to hear back when people like you have seen the results you're experiencing. It makes the time and attention totally worth it!

I feel likes its working

Started with 1 in morning for 1 week then 2 in morning after coffee
I feel better I have ordered 2 bottles so far

Glad to hear you are feeling positive results.

You may also find this article useful:
In general, it is important to space out coffee from any thyroid medications


This is by far my favorite product. When I developed Hashimoto's, my anxiety became out of control. Using this 1-2x/day has really helped decrease my anxiety in all situations, and I'm sleeping better.

AND it tastes good! So glad you are feeling better!

Essential T2

I just finished my first bottle. I’m ordering again, as I’m just seeing some small changes. Will give it more time. I love all of their Thyroid products.

Thanks for the review. Sometimes it is the little changes that end up in a large cumulative big change. Keep up the good work!

Essential T2 Review

Will continue to use product. Thyroid supplements take time, months to Show beneficial results. I definitely will reevaluate given time.

You are absolutely correct in that time is an element that is necessary for seeing results. Consistent use of supplements will show results. Keep up the good work!

To early to tell, except small gastric irritation on empty stomach. Still researching ( can’t find ), purpose of adding ALA. I have been on ALA for a year and half in hopes of alleviating progressive NDPN. May have to use a bit of food. Or no offense , some told me of a Liposomal variable. Not going there yet bc I could alway use my Flax oil cap,
Need be. My this constant generalized pain from wide amount of OA and Fibromyalgia, TarsalTunnel art. And Left. numb hands Carpal Tunnel- post op on both wrists, pinched nerve Cervical, getting released, same on L-3, Scoliosis. +++
Still won’t give in !
PS- since you asked . Eleanor

No difference whatsoever

I've been taking this for 45 days and have absolutely no results from it whatsoever

We strive to help you find the right solution to helping you improve your help. Please reach out to us at hello@restartmed.com so you can explore your options. We stand behind our products.

Still A Process

I am taking the thyroid and adrenal reset plus the T2. While I am feeling more awake I have not lost any weight and have gained more weight. At this point I am not contributing that to the suppliments as my T4, DHEA, TSH, ACTH, T3 and cortisol are low so I am going in for further blood work and an MRI or my pituitary. I am going to continue to take the suppliments as they keep me awake and my kinesiologist tested them and said they doing good for my body. I will come back after my testing the beginning of the year for an update.

Feeling more awake/alert is an important first step. You may find these articles helpful regarding weight loss:
Losing weight when you have thyroid issues can be a real struggle. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thyroid Weight loss

Love it Dr Child has great products.

Thanks so much for your kind comment! We absolutely strive to supply only the highest quality supplements, and appreciate hearing that it has helped our consumers!

Wonderful Product!

I love this product, I have been using it for about three months now and notice a big difference in my body, my overall health, and well-being. Dr. Westin Childs supplements are all outstanding. I use a combination of several of them and they have truly helped me get my Hashimoto's in control. I cannot stress enough that if you are having issues with your thyroid, try these supplements along with a diet change, and you will see the results you have likely been searching years for.

Healthier Hair

I feel like the addition of Dr. Westin Child's Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex plus the Raw Thyroid Glandulars have significantly helped the quality of my hair.

Glad to hear it. Thyroid issues can unfortunately affect on hair quality and hair loss. Improving your health will make that important difference.

Great Probiotic

Very please with this probiotic. Would buy again and keep as a definite supplement in my supplement routine. Just wish it would come in a bigger quantity.

Superior Product

My son has been using this for more than a year with great results. The additives and/or impurities in competitive brands caused him to have acne breakouts and to have to stop taking fish oil supplements. He has never had an acne breakout with this product. It has helped with his thyroid, depression, and obesity.

We so appreciate your comments, as well as your dedication for supporting your son's health. We parents do all we can to help our children, no matter what the age.

I love this!

i have been using Dr Childs Thyroid program for 4 months now. The combination (including ARC II) has changed my life. I struggled everyday to get out of bed and to finish a days work. Now, I feel ready to get up in the morning, have energy to work all day and even exercise in the evening 2 times a week. I never thought i would get my life back but thanks to this program I feel better than I have in many many years. I can't live without it!

We SO appreciate hearing about your positive results!! Very very happy that you are feeling better.

Thyroid Management

Thank you Dr. Westin Childs for you work and for developing such a valuable and high quality product. I have been taking the supplements for 3 consecutive months. My body has reacted in a very positive way to the supplement. My TSH level were undetectable for almost three years. After taking the supplements my lab test shown TSH of 0.12. For me this is a huge step towards feeling better.
Thank you Dr. Westin Childs and your team for the amazing work that you are doing for all of us who need dedicated physicians like you. I am forever Grateful!
Laura Luzardo

Thank you so much for sharing your good results! We do appreciate hearing such great news!

Not sure yet

I’ve been taking T2 for a few weeks now and haven’t discerned any difference yet, but I’m going to keep going with it and see how it goes

Consistent use should provide you with noticeable differences. It is not uncommon for your body to need 4-6 weeks for observable changes to occur. Please reach out to us at hello@restartmed.com if you have any questions.

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