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Has not helped

I have had hypothyroidism for over 30 years and have sought help a number of times and was told I was just fat due to the fact my blood work always comes out "normal" I have been on Levoxyl for yrs at .05 mg. I thought I would try the T3 Conversion as it sounds promising..to no avail. I am still feeling very tired, lack energy, and very depressed at not seeing at least a little bit of result. I just turned 67 and frustrated with not being able to control how I feel.Is there anything you can recommend

T3 booster

So far I cant tell any difference but will be patient


This is a great product- verified with lab results! My thyroid levels returned to normal range- lab tests done before and after 6 mo of use. My energy levels have also returned! Highly recommend.

Leptin Resistance Rx - Leptin Sensitizer with ORALVISC & GAGs for Metabolic Support

Still need time

Have not been consistent in taking because of various activities keeping me too busy and away from the meds. Will attempt to do better.

Hashimoto's bundle

I feel so much better after just 20 days of taking the hashimoto's bundle. I will be reordering this again. Thank you.


It is hard to tell at this point if this is helping . I do sleep better at night. I do have more energy and feel better. I will definitely purchase again.

Feeling more energy

Firstly I really like the the ingredients list. I like that I'm taking in real organs as I fully believe this is the best way to feed and fix my own bodies maladies. I don't like to call my hypothyroidism a disease because if it can be fixed, it's not permanent and there for it's a transient condition. Food as medicine. I can say that I have noticed an increase in energy. I haven't lost any weight yet but that's a side effect that I expect to happen after my thyroid begins to function correctly again. Feeling better and having a clear mind is what I need most right now. I can't adult without my full faculties. So I need to keep working on my health and I think these will do the job in time. This is not an overnight process so time will bring me back better function, along with the proper nutrition and supplements. I recommend this product.

Great product

This product was recommended to me and I’m so glad I followed through in taking it. I highly recommend this product.

We are always happy to hear when things are going well. Keep up the good work!

Thyroid hair regrowth

I’ve only been using this supplement for 2 weeks and don’t really see a difference yet. I’m hoping it will help but only time will tell.

It is important to give your body time to adjust to the supplement. It is not unusual for it to take 4-6 weeks of consistent use to see a difference. Long standing issues are not typically resolved quickly. However, remember we do stand by our products. If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@restartmed.com

feel a difference

I feel it is helping.. too early to tell definitively but I am going another round.

You are on the right track in your consistent use. Hair loss is frustrating and often difficult to treat.

Thryoid Plus

I have been using the product for close to three years. It was a great transition for me, and I am very pleased with the product

No ill side affects!

I have only been using the supplement few a few weeks and have not seen any difference but am placing a second order since I understand it can take several months to kick in.

You are wise to understand that changes in the body take some time to manifest in noticeable differences. As always, we stand behind our products, so if you have any questions, please reach out to hello@restartmed.com

reordering problem

The T3 conversion booster has helped more than other products - I think - hard to evaluate. However,I am attempting to re-order and your site does not recognize my e-mail address - I need to add a password.

Hi Mary,
In reviewing your order history, it looks like you figured it out. The order has been received and should ship out today!

Really supports my energy levels

I use many of Dr Childs thyroid formulas. This one in particular is my go to for energy support in the morning and mid afternoon.

So happy to hear that your energy has improved. We appreciate the positive feedback.

Good product!

I really don’t know how to describe my feelings about the product but I can feel it working.

We hope you will feel your health improving. If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@restartmed.com

Very happy with T3 Conversion product !

I have bought like 4-5 bottle already because I share them with my daughter and husband. Most of the time I don't believe "reviews" because I get the feeling they are not real people writing them, it could be, but I am personally not sure. But this time, I decided to write this review because Dr. Childs' products are genuinely good ! and I say so because after using this T3 Conversion product for our thyroid symptoms, it has helped us extremely well. I am thankful that I found Dr. Childs products on the internet.

So happy to read your review. I can assure you that 'real' people are writing the reviews, and a real person is reading them! I am a 65 year old woman in Arizona, and have the pleasure of hearing from folks like you. I totally share your skepticism as to reviews in general. The one thing I can say about Dr. Child's products is that he strives to make sure absolutely high quality ingredients go into all of his supplements.

Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience!!

My thyroid was removed 20 years ago

For many years I been struggle to keep my medication to level without success and feeling tired and sick all the time. I order the IR bundle of Dr Child’s my life change I feel so great Thank Dr Child

We are delighted to hear about your results! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Leptin Resistance

One capsule in the morning definitely makes a difference on how hungry I feel the rest of the day. Makes it much easier to eat less.

Getting hunger and food consumption under control is a huge first step! Thanks for sharing your results!

Great products

I had been using other thyroid supplements in the past with no success. I switched to Dr. Child’s Thyroid Glandular + and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex and my tsh numbers are now back in range. Very happy I switched.

We absolutely strive to have excellent products. Glad to hear about your TSH numbers!

No results yet

Sorry to say I have not lost any weight yet, I have notice a little more energy and sleep better but I really need and want to lose weight any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tami,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing! Please note that it takes a good 4-6 weeks to see changes in weight when using any supplement. This is due to a variety of reasons including the simultaneous loss of fat mass and the building of muscle mass which usually results in no change on the scale for a few weeks. For this reason, we recommend assessing progress with measurements (not the scale).

In addition, for best results, please ensure that you are combining the supplement with a healthy whole food diet, intermittent fasting, and regular exercise. Doing all of these things together will ensure that you get the best results possible!

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@restartmed.com!

Functional Fuel Complete Protein Powder

I have used many protein powders for an almost daily meal replacement, along with collagen powder. I have a protein shake post workout and/or in place of breakfast. This protein powder tastes great and agrees with me well. I love it and have continually purchased it for several months now. I highly recommend to give it a try!

There are many protein powders on the market, in a wide variety of price ranges and quality and thus are glad your found ours. We are always glad to hear that the Functional Fuel Complete is working well with you!


28 days - appetite has decreased.

Weight loss is so difficult to achieve, so starting with decreased appetite is a huge win! Keep up the good work!!

Thyroid trouble with hypothyroidism

I still haven't seen any difference in my body I don't know what happened to me my doctor has me on synthroid 300 mcg. I take the t3 conversion dr.west chids at end of the day I don't what I am doing wrong im still fatigued and blood sugar levels are high my A1cis 10.4 normally 6.3 its been like this over 5 years.

Thyroid Adrenal reset

This is my second time ordering this. I went off of it for a couple of months and noticed a difference. My doctor could not get my t3 numbers up. Since going back on this my last blood work was perfect!

It is really awesome to hear about your results using Thyroid Adrenal reset!! Glad to know it is working for you!

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