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Thyroid Supplements that WORK

Are you tired of hearing Medical Doctors tell you that your thyroid systems are all in your head because your T4 is perfect? Please listen. Dr. Childs is an MD with a plethora of FREE Utube videos that teach you about your Thyroid. Because of his expertise and commitment to us peeps, his supplements WORK! Thank you Dr. Childs

Weight loss bundle

Personally I haven’t lost any weight yet. I have very hard time managing my weight since cancer related radiation to my trachea 1 year ago.
But I am learning so much from Dr,. Childs website that I am going to start some of the Thyroid supplements soon also. Remaining optimistic.

Thyroid products

I have been using the hypothyroid package and feel it has helped me. My temperature is slowly going up, still in the 97 degree range, at least its better than in the past at 95° or 96°. I feel I have more energy also. Will continue ordering the package, looking forward to my next Dr visit to see better results there too

Hoping for better Thyroid test results!

I am looking forward to my next Thyroid test to confirm that I feel there is improvement. I have had low Thyroid and Adrenal function for a long time and have made diet and lifestyle changes with some improvement but still needed more. I do feel better since taking Dr. Childs Thyroid Glandular and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex, have more energy and clearer thinking. Thank you for a quality supplement and your helpful videos! Colleen S.

Great formula

I take it along with other products. I feel a lot better, so it works.

Excellent product

I'm self treating several serious conditions and have been throwing everything at it basically and dr Child's products notably leptin has been very effective and helpful. Thank you!

Complete Thyroid Vitamin

I have been using this product for over a month. It has been an easy transition from multiple vitamins to 4 vitamin capsules. Seems to be working.

Improved energy and mood

Since taking this supplement, I have noticed improved energy, which also seems to aid in a more restful night’s sleep. I have also experienced less moods swings and a higher tolerance for stressful situations.

More energy

I seem to have more energy and i am getting better sleep since taking the supplement.

T3T4 booster

I feel better not so fatigued

Hair regrowth

I love Dr Westin’s products.
I will continue to purchase the Hair supplement, as I feel my hair is improving. I’ve already lost weight using the T3 conversion booster. Great products.

I didn’t end up using this product.

I’m sure this product is wonderful, but I didn’t end up using it, because my lab test came in and looked fabulous!

T3 Conversion Booster

After trying many supplements, I have settled on the T3 Conversion Booster as the most affective for reducing my hypothyroid symptoms. I have less anxiety, brain fog and insomnia. I am very thankful for this product!

Great products!

These products are the absolute best for people with thyroid disease.

Second order

This is the second time I have ordered the Raw Thyroid Glandular and Desiccated Thyroid. I seem to be holding steady as far as symptoms.

Thyroid Multi Powder - Powdered Multivitamin

This product has helped me so much. I would wake up every morning around 4 am sweating/chills. Two days after using this products the sweats/chills stopped.

No change

I’ve been unable to tell any difference in the way I feel since I started taking this.

Amazing products

I had my thyroid removed and was feeling awful even with medication. I have been using the thyroidectomy bundle and really started to feel better. Then I started using the weight loss bundle and have finally been able to lose weight. I have been intermittent fasting, watching what I eat and walking daily. I lost 5 pounds right away, then I stopped. I re-adjusted my eating patterns and started losing again. This continued - I lost and then stopped. I had to keep adjusting either eating times or amount of exercise or time of day that I exercise. Once I started making adjustments and kept with the program, I really started losing weight. I have been losing 10 lbs a month until November. I have only lost 5 pounds this month. After the holidays, I will re-evaluate to see if I can continue to push off 10 lbs a mont. I still have about 30 more pounds to lose.

Hair regrowth

Still using the second bottle

Thyroid Reset

Excellent product definitely helping my symptoms

Stomach Savior

I immediately felt a difference in my stomach after using these. It also made a difference in my stool within 3 days.

Looks can be intimidating

It is a large capsule but it is easy to swallow.

No difference

No appreciable difference after 2 months use.

Great Product!

I have hypothyroidism and the supplements have been a great addition to my medication.

raw glandular

I think its to soon to tell , still feel a lot of tiredness, but do have more energy then before.

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