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Gut Bomb

I have had gut issues ever since deploying to Afghanistan and Pakistan. From bad water to worms to taking way too many antibiotics due to a leg injury in theatre. This product is wonderful. My bloating and gas has literally stopped in2 months and I am on my way to regularity. Thank you!

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex

I have been taking these capsules for 3 weeks now. No bad side effects. Too soon to really notice a huge hair difference, but my nails are stronger. Going to buy another bottle just to make sure I stayed on it long enough to see some change.

T3 Conversion Booster

to Dr. Westin

Thanks again for all your terrific research. The GP i go to will not assign blood testing to the T3&4 to my medicare account. This does not upset me as i think that a way around that is through your research. The hospital i go to offers private testing (without prescription) of the T3 &4 so i can go this route (just discovered). I am hoping to eventually get off the levothyroxine (dosage 112mg started at 150mg)). The GP gave me an official diagnosis of hypothyroid with hashimoto (8 months ago). All the female members of my family have thyroid issues, and I'm the last to seek Dr. help. I did purchase the T3Conversion Booster (figured it wouldn't hurt). It has been too short a time to evaluate yet. My TSH readings for the last 3 & 6 months was 0.013 (both the same). I will continue with the T3 Conversion for at least three months. I have a great appreciation for your website and the information & products.

Thumbs up

I’ve been taking this for a few weeks and it does seem to be helping. Would love to get coupons because it is a little high to buy monthly.

Thyroid Supplements

I've been taking the supplements for over a month and they seem to be helping!

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex

It took about a year and then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of my main issues was that I was losing my hair and the texture had changed from smooth to dry. I'm so happy to report that after taking this product for 4 weeks, the lose has slowed down -- thank goodness! Thanks Dr Childs!!

Loss of hair

On my second bottle just starting seeing growth at the front. Very happy will keep ordering

Very Good Product

I am on week 3 of this using the Thyroid adrenal reset complex - overall I have seen some improvement but none in the weightloss department, more so on the energy level and sleep quality actually. I will give a good try for 60 days and then I will report back.

Boost of energy

Nice boost to get the day started with no tummy upset.


All this did was give me a stomach ache. I lost no weight and still suffer low thyroid symptoms waste of money

Hi Mary,Sorry to hear about your experience! I just wanted to provide some more information to help with your supplement.If you are experiencing stomach issues then be sure to take your supplement with food. Some of the ingredients can cause stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach in certain sensitive individuals.Regarding your weight, this is not one of our 'weight loss' supplements and its primary purpose is to help support your thyroid gland and adrenal function. This sometimes does result in weight loss in some patients but we never recommend you use this solely for weight loss. If weight loss is your primary goal then I would recommend that you look directly at my weight loss guide or my other supplements which can help (such as Gut Bomb 350 billion or Functional Fuel).Please also note that it can take several weeks (6+ weeks in some cases) for you to start to feel a positive difference. If you haven't hit that mark yet or stopped prematurely due to the stomach upset then try the solutions above and you should definitely see some improvement.If you have any other questions or concerns you can reply directly to this email/message and we can also try to point you in the right direction or help you further. You can also directly reach out to us via email at [email protected] as well.
Works great!

Love this probiotic- will order again!


Great product! I started using this a month ago and i noticed a difference in my hair skin and nails in about 3 weeks and noticed a difference in the way i feel after about 2 weeks. I feel like i have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. I would highly recommend this product to anyone! A definite must have!

Thyroid hair loss

Not sure if this is helping with thyroid hair loss. It may be that it takes longer than a month

Hi Lori,It can take several weeks (or until your next hair growth cycle) for you to notice the effects. Depending on when you start in relation to this cycle it can be a few weeks or even longer. If you haven't noticed a difference by 8 weeks, however, then your hair loss is probably due to some other issue such as thyroid hormone, androgens, or a genetic component in which case this supplement may not be the answer.
Ready to reorder!

I'm happy with this probiotic. It must match my needs as I can remember to take it! I am reordering!

Energy booster

Great supplement! Helps me keep up my energy level during the day.

Helped in so many ways

I purchased the Functional Fuel Complete Protein Powder after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I believe it helped raise my vitamin D levels and got me out of a pre-diabetes condition.

Not bad, not good

This product caused EXTREMELY itchy skin on my chest, breasts, and upper ribcage. Other than that, not much difference in energy levels. I did think that my overall immune system got some benefit...I seemed to heal quickly from cuts.

T3 Conversion Booster and Fibromyalgia

Great product! I have low thyroid issues and fibromyalgia. My fibro symptoms virtually disappeared overnight after starting the T3 Conversion Booster!

Thyroid hair regrowth

Have been using for one month & think I have seen some positive progress. Will continue to use.

Great for Sluggish digestion

I have only taken a 30 day supply but so far it's been wonderful for my digestive system! I highly recommend for those with sluggish digestion from Hashimoto's

Great product!

I have had good results and no negative results with my multi vitamins I am now taking from Dr. Childs. I would recommend these to anyone with Hashimoto’s.

Great product!

I was using the product for 2 weeks and then missed taking them for two days from being super busy and forgetting the package at home. I am leaving several of the vitamin packs in my purse now so I don’t forget. I had no energy and super tired those two days. Thank you for having a quality product that helps make me feel better.

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex

Although I think this is a quality product, I find that my body responds better to the T3 Conversion Booster which I will be ordering again.

T3 Conversion Booster - Naturally Support T4 to T3 Conversion

Trusted supplements from Dr. Childs

I trust the supplements from Dr. Childs and this pack of several that are good for people with thyroid issues is no exception. I am waiting on my lab results to see if they continue to be optimal. I was particularly happy that this pack contains fish oil because I have had skin reactions to fish oil in the past, yet with this one my body absorbed it just fine. I’m glad to have a trusted source for supplements. Thank you, Dr. Childs.