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selenomethionine - the best form of selenium?

Selenomethionine – The Best Type of Selenium?

Selenium vs Selenomethionine: What’s the Difference? Selenium is an essential (read required) nutrient that your body MUST have.  It’s part of several very important pathways that we will talk about in a second.  But what you need to know here is that if you don’t have enough selenium in your body then you will suffer symptoms ranging from …

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how to use glucomannan for weight loss

How to use Glucomannan For Weight Loss (+ Which one is best)

What is Glucomannan?Glucomannan may just be one of the best lesser-known weight loss therapies around (1).  It’s not that popular despite the fact that it has been shown to help with a number of health conditions ranging from cholesterol management (2), to weight loss, to appetite control, to blood sugar control, and more.  But what is this mysterious …

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signs and symptoms of selenium toxicity

Signs and Symptoms of Selenium Toxicity – Are you Taking Too Much?

Serious Selenium Toxicity is Rare but Minor Excess Is More Common Than you ThinkSelenium is one of the most important micronutrients in your body when it comes to your thyroid.  Selenium also plays an important role in regulating enzymes that help protect your cells from free radicals.  These enzymes are known as selenium-dependent enzymes (1) and they are …

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product and supplement updates

Product & Supplement Updates: Reformulations, Updated Product Bundles & More

What’s New with My SupplementsWant to get the latest news with my supplements including which products I have in the pipeline and which products I am making changes to? If you are interested in You are in the right place because that’s exactly what we are going to talk about!  I tend to keep all of the information …

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list of leptin resistance supplements

Leptin Resistance Supplements: What’s Working for Weight Loss

Treating Leptin Resistance NaturallyHere’s the deal: Most people (physicians and patients alike) who know anything about losing weight and keeping it off, the right way, know about leptin.  They know that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you must target leptin levels.  But there’s one big problem: Leptin is notoriously hard to manipulate.  And leptin resistance …

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one big reason you aren't feeling better

Why You Aren’t Feeling Better (One BIG Reason)

Why your Supplements and Medications Aren’t WorkingI’ve noticed recently that one of the main reasons that patients simply don’t feel better is because they don’t have a solid understanding of what the healing process looks like.  Part of this healing process includes a number of ups and down which can almost seem negative unless you are …

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Vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms (4)

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms – Warning Signs You Need B12

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 DeficiencyThink you don’t have to worry about Vitamin B12 deficiency because you are living in a place like the United States? Think again.  It’s been estimated (by various medical research journals) that the rate of Vitamin B12 deficiency approaches 40% (depending on the study you look at (1)).  And this number is catching only those …

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Using Fluconazole for Candida Overgrowth: What to Look Out For

Candida overgrowth is a condition which affects many patients, especially those with existing gut problems and those with thyroid disease.  Among the many treatments available are some which require a doctors prescription.  In this article, we are going to focus on fluconazole (also known as Diflucan) which is a prescription medication which is particularly effective at killing …

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Are Thyroid Glandular Supplements Safe?

Should you Take Thyroid Glandular Support Supplements?

Thyroid glandulars may be the most potent over-the-counter ingredients that thyroid patients can take.  But does that mean you should take them? The answer, as usual, is that it depends.  There are huge benefits that you may be able to realize while using thyroid glandulars but only if you are using the right type and from the right …

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