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list of leptin resistance supplements

Leptin Resistance Supplements: What’s Working in 2020

Treating Leptin Resistance NaturallyHere’s the deal: Most people (physicians and patients alike) who know anything about losing weight and keeping it off, the right way, know about leptin.  They know that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you must target leptin levels.  But there’s one big problem: Leptin is notoriously hard to manipulate.  And leptin resistance …

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Vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms (4)

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms (+ how to test for it and treat it with supplements)

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 DeficiencyThink you don’t have to worry about Vitamin B12 deficiency because you are living in a place like the United States? Think again.  It’s been estimated (by various medical research journals) that the rate of Vitamin B12 deficiency approaches 40% (depending on the study you look at (1)).  And this number is catching only those …

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The complete guide to using Selenium to naturally enhance your thyroid

The Complete Guide to Using Selenium to Naturally Enhance Your Thyroid

Supplementing with Selenium may provide a way to enhance your thyroid function in a natural way.  Whether you’ve heard of Selenium before (or this is your first time), you’ll find all the information you need to get started with this micronutrient.  Today you’ll learn:If you should use SeleniumHow to dose it correctly & safelyWhat side effects to …

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