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Dr. Westin Childs is an Osteopathic Physician (D.O.) who creates and formulates all of the supplements on Dr. Childs has been treating thyroid patients for years and has treated over hundreds of patients to date. His products are created based on scientific studies, his own personal experiments, and what he has seen work for his patients. 


He shares his work and thoughts on this blog and you can read about his experience in treating patients with all kinds of thyroid disease. You'll find this information helpful if you have hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and if you've undergone thyroidectomy or RAI. 


Dr. Childs goal is to provide you with the tools that you need to take back your health. This includes providing you access to supplements which work and actionable information.



With over 400+ reviews our thyroid supplements are designed to help improve thyroid function at every level including:

  • Thyroid Hormone production
  • T4 to T3 conversion
  • Thyroid cellular sensitivity

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex #1 Adrenal Support for Thyroid Patients
Introducing Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex the #1 Adrenal Supplement for Thyroid Patients Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex is Dr. Westin Childs'[...]
Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex – #1 Thyroid Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamin
Introducing Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex When it comes to your thyroid most people focus only on energy and weight gain,[...]
T3 Conversion Booster – Naturally Support T4 to T3 Conversion
Increase Free T3 Levels Naturally with T3 Conversion Booster T3 Conversion Booster contains 10 unique and specific ingredients designed to[...]
A.R.C II (Adrenal Reset Complex – Adaptogens) – Non GMO, Vegan, Adrenal Formula
Introducing A.R.C. II (Adrenal Reset Complex - Adaptogen Blend) You know your adrenals are important, but do you know how[...]
Weight Loss Probiotic – Gut Bomb 350 Billion (Ultra Potency & Multi Strain)
Gut Bomb 350 Billion, #1 Weight Loss Probiotic What are probiotics? Probiotics are designed to provide you with healthy and[...]
Power B-Complex – Highly Absorbed, Activated B Vitamins + Benfotiamine
All supplements have a 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to take a chance to improve your health and[...]
Berberine 500+ [Powerful Berberine HCL + ALA Weight Loss Formula]
Berberine 500+ A Powerful Berberine + ALA Complex Are you struggling with weight loss resistance or persistent belly fat? If[...]
Ultra Biotic X100 – Daily Potent Probiotic with 100 Billion CFU/Serving
Why Ultra Biotic X100? Ultra Biotic X100 is a complementary blend of targeted and specific probiotics with one purpose: To[...]
Functional Fuel Complete – Thyroid Friendly Protein Powder (French Vanilla) for Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s
Protein Powder for Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Functional Fuel Complete is the ideal protein powder for those who have thyroid[...]

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What patients are saying


"I have a lot more energy since taking Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex #1. This is especially important since my most recent blood tests show a big drop in T3 and my Reverse T3 is elevated. Four months ago, my numbers were in normal range with Armour Thyroid. My numbers dropped before beginning the Adrenal Reset. I have taken many adrenal formulations in the past but they either made me too wired and jittery or did nothing at all. I definitely recommend this formula to anyone who is exhausted all the time and foggy. My mind is also sharper and I deal with fibro fog as well. Most days I'm higher functioning until around 3pm or 4pm. So, big improvement from 6am-3pm. I'll take it!"


“My aunt and mom recommended the thyroid adrenal reset and the T3 conversion because my family has thyroid issues. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 5 years ago and since then it's been almost impossible for me to lose weight, only gain. I had two children 15 months apart and that not only hurt my weight more, but for 2 years after my second child I had zero energy and I had to take a 3 hour nap while my babies slept, or I would not be able to get through the day of taking care of my little ones! It was 100% essential that I got 10 hours sleep at night and anther 2-3 hour nap during the day or I was completely useless! Also my joints were killing me and my quality of life was going down hill with a vengeance! I'm only 32 and I felt 20+ years older!
Now with that all said, after literally ONE day of taking both pills I had ridiculous energy, I did not need a nap, my joints felt fine! I could not believe how amazing I felt! I know they talk about how these pills rarely have such a drastic result so soon, but for me I almost couldn't believe how night and day it was for me so quickly! I have been taking them religiously ever since! It's been a month and my quality of life is what it should be and I can be a more fun and energetic mom to my kids! Now I'm good with 6-8 hours of sleep at night and I haven't needed a nap since taking these! I can not be more happy with these supliments! On top of the all important quality of life, I have actually been able to lose weight! I was 214 when I started the month supply and now I'm 201.7! I've NEVER had that kind of weight loss since my thyroid issues! Now I have been eating a little less and walking now that I have energy, but before I could starve myself and not lose weight! I'm not saying if you take these you will have as drastic of an improvement as I did, but this has been my honest experience and I will be taking these for the rest of my life and I'm so excited! "

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These are real people who have undergone our programs and have taken our supplements: 

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