20 Hypothyroid & Hashimoto’s Gift Ideas from $6 to $2,000

20 Hypothyroid & Hashimoto’s Gift Ideas from $6 to $2,000

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Yes, thyroid conditions can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. 

But, there are ways to mitigate these effects with the use of some clever gizmos and gadgets. 

And as long as you know what works and what to buy, you can make that special thyroid person in your life one happy camper. 

Enter this list of 20 gift ideas for patients with Hashimoto’s and or hypothyroidism. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone in your life with a thyroid problem or you have a thyroid problem yourself and you aren’t sure what to get, this video is for you. 

With prices ranging from $6 all the way to $2,000, there’s something here for everyone. 


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#1. Theragun (or another hand-held massage device) ~$300

theragun image example as a gift for hypothyroidism

The Theragun is a type of massage device that is perfect for thyroid patients because it can blast through tight muscles and trigger points which are both commonly found in thyroid patients. 

It also just so happens to feel great, like you’re getting your own personal massage. 

On top of this, it can help relieve pain, improve lymphatic flow, and reduce muscle tension. 

There are tons of massage devices to choose from but my personal favorite is the Theragun because it’s easy to use on yourself. 

But if the Theragun is outside of your budget then look for one that’s a bit cheaper. 

The quality of the device does matter here, though, because cheaper devices may not vibrate at an ideal frequency or at an ideal strength so keep that in mind when purchasing. 

Check out the Theragun here

#2. FAR IR Heating Pad ~$159

far infrared heating pad example from healthyline

Heating pads are great but FAR IR heating pads are even better. 

These pads combine the utility of both heat and FAR IR light to treat conditions like low back pain, inflamed joints, circulation problems, and swelling, again, all problems which are common among thyroid patients. 

There’s a lot of good data to suggest that FAR IR light does have many therapeutic benefits (1) so this is definitely not a bogus therapy. 

The FAR IR heating pad that I recommend also comes with some studded gemstones so if these are interesting to you then you’ll probably love it even more. 

This is the FAR IR heating bad that I recommend

#3. Dry Brush ~$5.99

example of dry brush gift idea for thyroid patients

Dry brushing is an incredibly simple tool that you can use to improve the texture of your skin, enhance lymphatic flow, and desensitize the body to overstimulation, which means it’s great for adrenal fatigue. 

Because of the link between the tactile receptors in your skin and their connection to your brain, dry brushing can have a relaxing effect on the entire body. 

Making it an aesthetic but also functional gift. 

And at $5.99, it’s the cheapest gift idea on this entire list. 

This dry brush will do the trick

#4. Vitamin C Serum +/- Retinol Serum ~$140

skinceuticals vitamin c serum for thyroid skin repair

Unfortunately, thyroid problems accelerate the breakdown of collagen which accelerates the aging process. 

This means thyroid patients are more prone to developing the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. 

But serums like vitamin C and retinol can counteract this effect making them a go-to for any thyroid patient’s skin regimen. 

There are a lot of serums and ointments available so don’t get confused here. 

Hands down, the two most well-studied and most effective ingredients are vitamin C (2), retinol, and sunscreen. 

These 3 things will give you 90% of the benefits you are looking for. 

High-quality serums can be a little pricey, but in my experience, they do work better than cheaper alternatives. 

And the good news? You can often see a difference in your skin in as little as 4 weeks of daily use of either. 

My two favorite brands are iSclinical and Skinceuticals. 

This is the vitamin C serum that I recommend and this is the retinol that I recommend (but there are plenty of other options that can work as well if you are on a budget). 

#5. Silk Eye Mask ~$10

silk eye mask example for better sleep

Sleep is important for everyone but especially for thyroid patients!

One easy way to improve your sleep is with a simple eye mask. 

These masks block out photons that would otherwise make their way into your optic nerve and disturb your circadian rhythm. 

Other simple sleep-enhancing gifts include blue light-blocking glasses, mouth tape, ear plugs, and very comfy pillows. 

An eye mask like this will do the trick

#6. Sleep Cooling And Heating System ~$600

chilipad sleeping system as a thyroid gift idea

If you want to take your sleep to the next level you can purchase a sleep heating or cooling device. 

These are mats that run heated or cooled water continuously underneath your body while you lay in bed with the goal to either heat you up or cool you down. 

Sleeping at the right temperature enhances sleep depth and quality (3) which means it’s great for people who have trouble sleeping, like thyroid patients. 

These are on the more expensive side but if you can afford it then they are a great option. 

This is the cooling system that I personally use, but, again, there are others that can work depending on your budget and needs. 

#7. Gua Sha ~$8

gua sha can be used to improve thyroid skin health

Gua sha is a simple tool used to stimulate the dermis underneath the skin and is said to enhance skin elasticity, release tension in the face, and reduce swelling. 

It also just so happens to be a perfect tool for thyroid patients who frequently suffer from facial swelling as well as swelling around the eyes. 

Using a gua sha in the morning, especially around the eyes, can help reduce this facial swelling while providing additional benefits to the skin as well. 

And, yes, there is some legitimate research to suggest that facial tools and facial yoga do have a noticeable impact on skin quality (4).

A gua sha like this will work great

#8. Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant ~$6

Thyroid patients have a hard time removing chemical compounds from their bodies due to the effects that the thyroid has on liver metabolism and the ability to sweat. 

For this reason, limiting your exposure to any unnecessary chemicals is ideal. 

Traditional deodorants contain aluminum, which is a known neurotoxin, as well as additional chemicals and compounds.

And because deodorant is placed on your skin every single day, there is definitely some systemic absorption of these compounds.

join 80,000 other thyroid patients who have used dr. westin childs' thyroid support supplements.

How much of an impact they have on the body is still up for debate but I tend to err on the side of caution by just avoiding them. 

And I think this makes sense for most thyroid patients as well. 

Want to go even cheaper? Try making your own deodorant (it’s easier than you might think!). 

If you prefer to buy them already made then check out this brand

#9. Apple Watch Or Other Wearable Device ~$300

Every thyroid patient should be tracking their resting heart rate because this is a great proxy for their overall thyroid function. 

Wearable devices like Apple watches do this for you which means they can help you understand if you need adjustments to your thyroid medication or if your natural thyroid treatments are actually working. 

They also track other important metrics like your sleep. 

Any device will work here, just make sure it tracks at least your heart rate but preferably your sleep as well. 

You can get an Apple watch here (series 4 or later have the ability to monitor heart rate) and you can get a Fitbit here

#10. Whole body PEMF Mat ~$1,000 – 1,200

omi pad PEMF mat gift idea

PEMF mats are expensive but if you can afford one, they are a great tool to have on hand. 

As a technology, PEMF helps stimulate and enhance communication between cells in your body through the use of electromagnetic waves. 

This means it’s a great tool for enhancing your overall health but it has documented benefits on things like injury recovery, inflammation reduction, and enhanced immunity (5). 

People use whole-body PEMF mats to get into flow states, help their bodies recover day to day, and stay healthy. 

Given the broad effect that this technology has, it’s good for just about every condition you can think of including many of the problems that arise due to thyroid issues.

I have personally used both the OMI pad and the Healthyline PEMF mats and I’ve had better success with Healthyline. 

Higherdose also has a PEMF mat option that people love (though I’ve never used this one before). 

#11. Thyroid Support Supplements ~$45

essential t2 front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Coming in at around $40, you can get thyroid-specific supplements designed to support different aspects of thyroid function. 

Having trouble with thyroid hair loss? Try MMST found in Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex

Want to lower your thyroid antibodies? Try black seed oil found in Hashimoto’s Ab Rx

Need help losing weight? Try berberine found in Berberine 500+ or glucomannan found in GlucoSlow Fiber

Want to try the only thyroid hormone available over the counter? You can find T2 thyroid hormone in Essential T2

Thyroid patients do very well on over-the-counter supplements so they are always a good gift.  

There are tons of options available but just realize that some element of trial and error is needed so don’t be afraid to try different things. 

#12. Hepa Air Purifier ~$100 – $230

levoit air purifier thyroid gift idea

High-quality air purifiers filter out 99.99% of particles in the air making the air you breathe every single day super clean. 

As I mentioned, thyroid patients often struggle to eliminate harmful compounds from their bodies and one of the best ways to treat this problem is to prevent them from entering in the first place. 

This makes filtering the air that you breathe a low-hanging fruit and a top priority. 

There are tons of options available but one of my favorite brands is Coway. 

All you need to do is find the size that fits the room you are putting it into and then turn it on and let it clean your air. 

In my experience, the best brands are Coway and Levoit and you can’t go wrong with either option. 

If you just want one for a smaller space (like bedrooms or kitchens/living rooms) then this option works great and if you are trying to purify a much larger space (like the living room, family room, and kitchen all at once) then go with this one

In a perfect world, you’d want complete coverage of your entire home but you can opt for the cheaper route by getting one for your bedroom and one for the room in your house where people spend the most time. 

#13. Basal Thermometer ~$15

If you don’t want to purchase a wearable device to track your heart rate then you may want to consider a basal body thermometer. 

Tracking your basal body temperature is another simple way to assess thyroid function that is both cheap and easy. 

Just like tracking your heart rate, tracking your basal body temperature can give you valuable information on the effectiveness of your thyroid medication. 

And at $10 or less, it’s an easy purchase. 

You’ll probably also want to include some sort of journal with this purchase just so you can keep track of your measurements. 

A high-precision basal body thermometer like this one has everything you need

#14. Supplement A.M./P.M. Organizer ~$10

supplement am pm organizer thyroid gift idea

Thyroid supplements are one of my favorite natural treatments for all thyroid conditions but in order for them to work, they must be taken daily!

If you struggle to remember to take your thyroid supplements (or if you just want something to go with your brand-new thyroid support supplements), then a supplement organizer is a great idea. 

Here’s a simple organizer that works well

#15. Pilates gift subscription ~$160/year

lia bartha b the method pilates gift idea

Exercise is important for everyone but especially for those with thyroid problems. 

In my opinion, pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for thyroid patients because it simultaneously improves mobility, functional strength, and core strength and because it can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level. 

You can get a year-long membership from experts for around $160/year or around $15/month. 

There are plenty of options to choose from but I like this one

#16. Med Massager For The Feet ~$220

med massager for feet thyroid gift idea

This device vibrates at various intensities and sends them up through your body starting from your feet. 

This makes it perfect for treating problems like cold feet and swelling of the legs, both of which are problems you’ll find frequently in thyroid patients. 

Just because it’s designed for the feet doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other areas of your body as well!

I’ve seen people get relief from other thyroid-related problems like carpal tunnel syndrome by placing their hands on the vibration plate instead of their feet. 

Here’s the med massager that I recommend

#17. Foam Roller ~$22

If you don’t want to shell out the money for a massage gun then a foam roller is a great alternative. 

It provides a lot of the same benefits as a massage gun which means it can help iron out sore muscles, improve lymphatic flow, and relieve trigger points. 

You can also use it for improved mobility and to improve blood flow to various parts of the body. 

Here’s an example of a foam roller that works well

#18. Bath Detox Kit (Epsom Salt + Lavender Essential Oil) ~$15

Want a relaxing way to detox your body? Try an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil. 

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which is absorbed through your skin while lavender provides a calming effect on your adrenals (6). 

Because thyroid patients frequently suffer from both low magnesium and adrenal fatigue, this is a perfect combination. 

You can get both for about $15 and you’ll get multiple uses. 

You can pick up Epsom salt here and you can grab lavender essential oil here

#19. LED Light Therapy Lamp ~$40

These light therapies are designed to emulate the stimulation that the sun provides which helps with sleep, mood, energy, and focus. 

All you do is set this lamp up in your bathroom and then turn it on when you first wake up for 10-15 minutes. 

The light enters your eyes and balances your circadian rhythm and that’s it. 

They are great for thyroid patients who have a hard time waking up, those with depression, and those with seasonal affective disorder. 

You can grab an LED therapy lamp here

#20. Far IRA Sauna ~$2000

2 person FAR infrared sauna thyroid gift idea

If money isn’t an object then you may just want to consider buying your own personal FAR IR sauna. 

FAR IR saunas harness the power of IR light which penetrates deep into the skin heating you from the inside out. 

This results in the activation of heat shock proteins, a deep sweat that eliminates harmful toxins, and reduced inflammation in the entire body. 

Long-term users of saunas experience a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (7), dementia, stroke, anxiety, and better sleep. 

You can get a decent sauna for around $2,000 at Costco or you can purchase more expensive versions from other retailers. 

Even if you can’t afford one of these right now, start saving your money because the benefits build up over time and this is an investment that will pay dividends.

No matter which one of these gifts you choose, you can rest easy knowing you are giving that thyroid patient in your life a thoughtful and beneficial gift. 

And if you want to continue to learn more about thyroid problems and how they impact just about every system in the body, then I’d recommend checking out this article next

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must have gift ideas for thyroid patients

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  1. I just started using your Bundle for Hypothyroid patients. Looking forward to the results after 3 months. Meanwhile, I have a recurring injury which I am wondering if it could be associated with my hypothyroidism. I am an amateur Ballroom dance competitor and after intensive training or after a competition one of my legs and feet, (usually my right leg and foot) will swell for 18 to 25 days. Extremely painful and I have to walk with assistance. I’ve been checked for a DVT, heart condition, diabetes, kidney and liver enzymes, which are all normal. My CBC is spot on with a slightly elevated cholesterol. All I am ever told is that it is soft tissue damage from overuse. I’m not buying it and believe it has to be triggered by something which no one has been able to find or even consider. Do you think this reaction could be associated with my hypothyroidism?

    • Hi Robert,

      It’s possible but it would be really difficult to pin that on your thyroid if you have another plausible mechanism for the pain (e.g. repetitive stress injury).

  2. RE: aluminum free deodorant. You write: “How much of an impact they have on the body is still up for debate but I tend to air on the side of caution by just avoiding them. ” I think your talk-to-text failed you on this one, as I’m sure you mean “err”, not “air”.


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