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thyroid symptoms in men

Thyroid Symptoms in Men: The Low T Low Thyroid Connection

Much of the conversation on this blog is dedicated to women and what happens when they have hypothyroidism or low thyroid function.  But what about men? Do men react the same way? Do they have the same symptoms? Is treatment the same? It turns out that the answer to each of these questions is “No”.  In fact, the treatment, …

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Causes of high testosterone in women

6 Causes of High Testosterone in Women + How to Lower your Levels

Weight gain, acne and hair loss – are you experiencing any of these symptoms? These are only a few of the symptoms of high testosterone in women, but the real question is this: Why do women have high testosterone, to begin with… and what can you do to lower it? Unfortunately, many Doctors may tell you that you …

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Low Testosterone in Women – Signs, Symptoms + Treatment Guide

Weight gain, low sex drive, hair loss, decreased energy and depression. What do these things all have in common? They can all be caused by low Testosterone in women.  If you were under the impression that Testosterone was a male hormone, think again: Testosterone is a very important hormone for women as well as men.  And unfortunately, it’s one of …

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