Power B-Complex - Highly Absorbed, Activated B Vitamins + Benfotiamine

Power B-Complex – Highly Absorbed, Activated B Vitamins + Benfotiamine

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  • The entire spectrum of B vitamins to help support mitochondrial function, adrenal function, neurological function and the stress response.
  • Contains activated forms of Vitamins B2, B6, and B12 to help improve cellular utilization.
  • Safe for those with MTHFR defects (B vitamins come pre-methylated).*
  • Includes benfotiamine which is a fat-soluble and more physiologically active form of thiamin (Vitamin B1).*
  • Includes folate as Quatrefolic which increases folate stability, solubility and bioavailability over other formulations of MTHF.*
  • Ultra potency with 1,333% of daily Thiamin, 1,176% of Riboflavin, 1,000% of Vitamin B6, 6,666% of Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) and 1,500% of Panthothenic acid.
  • Well suited for patients with Hypothyroidism and low energy.*
  • 90 vegetarian capsules in each bottle for a 45 day supply.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (see below)
  • Free Shipping on all orders to the United States
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Good B vitamin, easy to swallow capsule

This is a good B vitamin and it is in an easy to swallow capsule.


I can notice the difference when I forget to take my supplements. I don't have to take a nap all them time anymore. I hope I will eventually be able to lose some weight if I continue taking them

Hi Sara,I'm glad you are experiencing more energy! Thanks for sharing your story.
B Vitamins

I have been taking the B vitamins and T3 conversion and it's made a difference in my energy. I suffer from Addisons and hypothyroid so I know I have trouble converting. Since I've been taking these, I always get compliments that I look healthier and aware.

Hi Anita,That's great! I'm glad that they are working out for you and that you are noticing a positive difference.
33 Days, So Far...

It has only been a month and I do feel different but..... Background on me, 4 years ago I told my doctor I was feeling off and my emotions were all over the place. She test me and I was told I needed thyroid pills and anti-depressants. Fine, until two years ago no matter what I was falling asleep every day. Doctors assured me that because I had three kids, worked, took care of a family that I just need to exercise and that will take care of that. Three months ago I stumbled across your blogs and started watching and started thinking why have I not done research of my own to find out why this is really happening to me. I am SO exhausted, my eye sight is getting really bad, period is off every month, anger even on the anti-depressants, night sweats, bottom of feet are killing me, lower back problems (all of a sudden), body extremely HOT (maybe hot flashes??), feeling blah (example; not wanting to take a shower cause its to much work), and dry mouth. Now I am in limbo to figure out if I have a lack of t3, hashimoto's, pre-menopause, or just getting old ;)

I will continue two more months and hope that these supplements get me feeling close to "normal" again.

B complex

Not sure i feel anything at this point as i have just started talking these on 8/14/18, i deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis and to be truthful think it may take some time for the items i purchased to take hold and work as they are intended to do, i am going to also look into the other thyroid product as well and probably add them to my vitamin supply, part of what i stress over is being overweight as i have never had a problem with weight until my thyroid went out of wack in 2014 and my dr of course told me it was good when my TSH was at .09, i have a family history of thyroid issues (my mother) but mine started mich later in my life than hers did. So as for now i will continue to take my synthroid but will add Dr Childs supplements in until i get back to where i want to be, i refuse to let any Dr tell me that my weight gain is due to my get older, i am not old (55) and dont believe that my eating habits and life style did not change yet my weight went up 35 lbs

Hi K,Thanks for sharing and giving my supplements a shot. Just a couple thoughts on your weight to help you out: 1) When optimizing your thyroid make sure that you focus on your Total T3 and free T3 over your TSH. 2) After menopause, it becomes more difficult to lose weight unless you also consider your estrogen/progesterone. 3) It sounds like you are on the right track with your supplements but you may also benefit from taking a look at the other things mentioned here. As you mentioned, it can take a few weeks for the supplements to really set in so make sure to keep us updated.I hope this helps!