Why Hypothyroidism is Worse with Iron Deficiency

​Did you know that Iron deficiency may be one of the reasons you DON'T feel better on your medication?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies seen in hypothyroid patients (even if they are currently taking thyroid medication). 

Not only is it common, but it is frequently misdiagnosed and/or missed. 

You see:

​Most Doctors are trained to look for Iron deficiency anemia, and NOT just iron deficiency by itself. 

Patients with Hypothyroidism deserve special treatment because of how important Iron is for adequate thyroid hormone production.

Let's talk about how to diagnose iron deficiency, what tests to order and the supplements I give to my patients to reverse iron deficiency...​

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7 Reasons your Thyroid Lab Tests are Anything but “Normal”

Do you have all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism but have been told your Thyroid lab tests are "normal"? 

I've got some news for you...

Chances are VERY high that your thyroid lab tests are in fact NOT normal and that you are NOT crazy.

But it can feel like you are crazy when you go to Doctor after Doctor and you're told the same thing.

So why is it that every Doctor is telling you that you are fine, despite how you feel?

Let's talk about why your thyroid lab tests are anything but "normal"...

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How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism: 5 Step-by-Step Examples

​Did you know that losing weight with Hypothyroidism doesn't have to be impossible?

As a specialist in helping patients with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's I've been able to personally help hundreds of patients lose weight. And today I want to share with you how I do it. 

I'm going to teach you How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism by giving you the recommendations that I give to my patients. 

I will also go over case studies of real life patients that I've been able to help, and tell you what tests you need to order from your Doctor to get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance. ​

So let's jump in...​

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How You Can Become Immune to Synthroid [4 Tests to Find Out if You Should Change Medication]

What if I told you that you can become immune to Synthroid?

But not like you think...

​It's well known that most patients don't do well on Synthroid...

But the real question is why

And why do Doctors keep prescribing Synthroid if it works for only a small number of people? 

To understand why this is happening you have to look at thyroid hormone physiology. (Don't worry, it's easy!)

In this post I will explain how you can become immune to Synthroid and 4 tests you can use to find out if you need to switch medications...​

Let's dive in:

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The Brain Fog and Hashimoto’s Connection [4 Tips to Heal Your Brain]

Are you suffering from debilitating Brain Fog

Do you also have Hashimoto's disease?

These conditions are commonly linked and can represent a much larger problem...

​Brain fog is a SERIOUS problem and it should not be ignored. 

If you have brain fog (or ANY neurologic symptom) it's a sign that you have brain degeneration. And that means your brain is being damaged.

So let's talk about what you can do to stop damaging your brain and get back your life and your memory:

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How Hypothyroidism Causes Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia + Treatment

Is your intuition telling you that your hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's is causing your chronic pain?

​I've got news for you:

Your intuition may be right.

thyroid intuition gif

Low thyroid hormone can potentiate musculoskeletal pain that can be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. 

Even more important than that is many providers (and patients) don't understand how to correctly diagnose, treat or manage pain and fibromyalgia related to hypothyroidism. ​

In this post I'm going to talk about how hypothyroidism causes chronic pain and fibromyalgia, how to correctly diagnose the condition and other treatments that may help or benefit patients who suffer from this debilitating condition. ​

To understand how this works you really need to understand the concept of Tissue Level Hypothyroidism...

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Top 5 Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Medical Questions and Answers [From over 1,000 Hashimoto’s Patients]

You asked, I answered...

I've asked over 1,000 patients with Hashimoto's what their BIGGEST problem was related to Hashimoto's and their health overall.

To date I've now answered hundreds of your top questions and I've found that many ​of you have the same concerns. These concerns range from how to diagnose and find out if you have thyroid problems to how to properly lose weight with Hashimoto's

Because of this trend I decided to put together this post that outlines the top Hashimoto's thyroiditis medical questions and answers based on more than 1,000 patients with Hashimoto's.

As you know, my goal is to provide high quality information that is actionable but also that allows you to be an advocate for your own health! ​With that in mind, please feel free to share this with anyone you think it will help. 

Let's dive in...​

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How to Lose Weight with Hashimoto’s: Step-by-Step Guide + 9 Exclusive Tips I use in my Practice

Do you have Hashimoto's and feel like it's impossible to lose weight?

You're not alone:

Many patients with Hashimoto's struggle with the same problem! In fact it's one of the biggest complaints I get from patients who see me in my office.

The truth is...

Losing weight with Hashimoto's can be difficult but it isn't impossible - you just need to have the right information so you can start taking action today.

I'm going to teach you how to lose weight with Hashimoto's and give you the exclusive tips that I give to my patients who see me in the office which have helped HUNDREDS of Hashimoto patients lose weight. 

You can also find out more information about my weight loss program for hypothyroid patients here. ​

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The Best Hashimoto’s Diet: How to Lose Weight and Feel Better

If you've ever been confused about what to eat because of your Hashimoto's then this is the article for you. 

I'm going to take away the guessing game that is your Diet...

Reduce your stress about what foods you should be eating and what foods you should be avoiding...

So that you can get back to what's important:

Healing your autoimmune disease.

This article is going to go over how you should be approaching your diet after your diagnosis of Hashimoto's.

And here's the thing:

There is no one-size-fits-all diet that you should be following!

Everyone is completely different and that means the diet you need is not the same as your friends or someone on your support group. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know to get started and feel confident you are on the right track...

So let's jump in: ​

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38 Nutrition Facts That Need to be Common Sense [But Aren’t]

Are you tired of hearing conflicting information about nutrition every time you open up Facebook?

Me too…

I’ve got some good news for you,

There are some clear-cut facts about nutrition that you NEED to know. These facts will help you make sense of everything else you read and will help you build a foundation of information for future weight loss and better health.

So if you’ve ever felt confused about nutrition then this is for you:

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