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11 Weight Loss Supplements That Actually Work [With 18 Literary Citations]

[Unlock stubborn fat cells by hacking your cellular biochemistry]

This post highlights some of my recommended weight loss supplements found in my weight loss guide which you can get for free by signing up to get email updates..
These supplements are intended to be used with diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques for optimal results...

Whether you’ve taken vitamins or supplements in the past there are some things you should know on how they really help you break the barrier of weight loss to get the results you deserve.​​​​

  • Recommended dose: High quality soil based organisms in probiotic capsules ranging from 1-5 billion colony forming units. Or heat sensitive probiotics containing at least 30 billion CFU's of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.
Wellbetx PGX with mulberry for weight loss

4. Berberine  - This supplement is one of my personal favorites. It helps with cholesterol, blood sugar control and weight loss. It activates an enzyme called AMP kinase which helps burn fat for energy, build mitochondria, and sensitize the body to insulin.

Thorne research berberine supplement for weight loss

5. Vitamin D3/K2 combo  - I always recommend vitamin K2 with D3 because of their synergistic effects.Vitamin K2 helps shuttle calcium from the arteries and blood vessels to your bones where you want it to be.

Thorne research vitamin D3 K2 combo

6. Optimetabolix  - I recommend using one scoop instead of the recommended 2 scoops in a high protein, high fat smoothie for breakfast.

Optimetabolix supplement from xymogen


Several other issues can cause you to gain weight but may not be targeted with the supplements I listed above.

Examples include:

If you have a problem with stress then you will need my basic supplements plus daily stress reduction techniques like meditation, yoga or stretching to help reduce your cortisol levels.

If you have an issue with your thyroid you may need thyroid support supplements and ultimately you may need bioidentical hormone therapy to kick your metabolism back on.

Adrenal fatigue can also cause you to gain weight and feel like crap.

This personalized approach helps explain why it seems you have friends that try very strange dieting fads or cleanses that really help them lose weight but do nothing for you! You have to dial in to your specific issues to get results.

If you are having trouble finding your specific issue, or you need hormone replacement then you would benefit from seeing a functional medicine practitioner in person.

By repleting the critical nutrients, vitamins and minerals required in multiple cellular pathways in your body you will help burn fat and regulate your metabolism. Even better you will find that many other chronic conditions may simply vanish (abdominal issues, fatigue, decreased energy, brain fog, etc.)

Now it's your turn - What supplements have you been using? Which do you find work the best for you and why? Which supplements DIDN'T work for you?

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10 Day Thyroid Reset Diet: How to Heal your Thyroid and Boost your Metabolism

Ready to tackle your thyroid problems but unsure of where to start? 

​Enter the 10 Day Thyroid Reset Diet - How to Heal your Thyroid and Boost Metabolism. 

Let me first start by saying...

This guide is only a starting point! ​This isn't going to completely resolve every one of your problems, and you may ultimately need further restrictions and changes. 


It is the first place I would start if you are overwhelmed and it will definitely help improve your thyroid function and metabolism.

​I created this because it just isn't feasible to see every patient personally and there are so many out there who need help... and I want to do what I can to move forward my mission to help as many Hashi and Hypothyroid patients as possible!

So let's start with some ground rules.

Who is this for?

  • People who have recently been Diagnosed with Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism
  • People who have not tried any other interventions before
  • People who are ready to take action on their health and make changes

Who isn't this for? 

  • People who have failed more restrictive diets like the Autoimmune Protocol
  • People who are already working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • People who are looking for a "quick fix"
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Understand how to lose weight [the interplay of hormones and obesity]

When treating any medical condition it is absolutely essential to understand the basic physiology or reasons why it occurs. That means you have to be asking the right questions in order to get the right answers.

When it comes to obesity conventional medicine hasn’t been asking any questions in over 40 years. If you are overweight and go to your doctor you will get the same advice: eat less and exercise more, the so-called ‘calories in, calories out’ model. The problem is this: patients have been following their advice and as a result they are more sick than they have ever been:

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