Managing Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) To Help You Feel 100%

Low Thyroid? Navigate Hypothyroidism with These Resources & Articles

Learn how to manage your thyroid medications, natural treatments that actually work, how accurately test your thyroid, and more...

Why Doesn't My Doctor Know This Stuff?

Thyroid patients are often surprised to know that their doctor doesn't know as much about the thyroid as they would hope. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. There are studies and studies showing that an overwhelming amount of thyroid patients are dissatisfied with their treatment and continue to suffer from thyroid symptoms despite being "treated". 

Here's the problem:

To your doctor, your thyroid problem is an easy fix. Lower the TSH with the use of levothyroxine and call it a day. 

Only that doesn't work... at least not for most people. 

But here's the good news. You don't have to live forever with symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, chronic pain, and so on. These symptoms come from LOW thyroid and they CAN be treated. 

And this is exactly why I've dedicated this entire website to help people with thyroid problems but let me tell you that if you are just starting out you have a little bit to learn. 

I have created hundreds (over 300 actually) of blog posts, hundreds of youtube videos, and hundreds of podcasts all designed for one purpose:

To help thyroid patients get their life back. 

The resources below are all designed to help you get to that point. Below you will find a list of articles which will help you learn more about your own thyroid so you can be an advocate for your own health with your doctor: 

taking your thyroid medication sublingually - is it safe?

Taking your Thyroid Medication Sublingually: Does it Work?

Are thyroid supplements safe or dangerous?

Are Thyroid Supplements Safe or Dangerous? 5 Common Myths Debunked

low TSH vs suppressed TSH on thyroid meds

Low TSH vs Suppressed TSH on Thyroid Medication: Is It Dangerous?

how to treat hashimoto's thyroiditis without thyroid medication

Treating Hashimoto’s Without Medication: Here’s How


Shop My Low Thyroid Support Supplements

Did you know that one of the main ways thyroid patients can feel better is by using the RIGHT over the counter supplements and ingredients?

Over the past 5 years, I've developed 20+ supplements designed to help thyroid patients feel better. These supplements contain ingredients in very specific doses and amounts to help achieve that goal. 

They have been used by over 30,000 thyroid patients to date and have over 2,000+ reviews so far (at the time of this writing).

The best part? These supplements are specifically formulated to be used WITH whatever thyroid medication you are already taking. They are designed to be safe with ANY and ALL thyroid medications. 

Check out these supplements and how they can help you below: 

Make Managing Your Thyroid Medication Easy 

One of the most complicated aspects of managing low thyroid is your thyroid medication! Most thyroid patients aren't even aware that there are other options aside from levothyroxine or Synthroid. 

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is allowing your doctor to pick out your thyroid medication without any input into the conversation. 

If you do this I can guarantee that you will end up on levothyroxine. And if you are like most thyroid patients, you will CONTINUE to experience low thyroid symptoms despite being told that your lab tests are "normal". 

The problem is NOT you. It's the medication. And I want you to know that you have many options beyond levothyroxine and Synthroid. 

I've had the advantage of treating hundreds of thyroid patients using these medications and I am speaking from experience when I say that they work very well. 

Medications like Natural Desiccated Thyroid, T3, or even cleaner versions of levothyroxine can all help you feel better. 

These articles walk you through ALL thyroid medications that are available to you including some of the most powerful thyroid medications that your doctor isn't likely to tell you about. 

Get the most out of your thyroid medication by checking out the articles below: 

The complete guide to using naturethroid

The Complete Guide to using Nature-Throid for Thyroid Patients

Liothyronine and t3 tyroid medication user guide

Is Liothyronine the Best Thyroid Medication? When To Use it

6 ways Naltrexone helps with weight loss

​6 Ways Naltrexone (LDN) Helps with Weight Loss + Who Should use it


Natural Treatments for Low Thyroid 

Don't want to be reliant upon thyroid medication for the rest of your life? No problem! Believe it or not, there are many natural thyroid remedies out there that actually work. 

The reason I am able to get amazing results in treating thyroid patients is because I use a multi-faceted approach...

What does that mean? It means I put together the BEST medications (prescriptions) that are available and combine them with the BEST natural therapies out there. 

This approach helps thyroid patients not only feel better but solve the ROOT CAUSE of their thyroid condition and allows their body to heal. 

I've done the heavy lifting by experimenting on thyroid patients over the last 5 years and I've found what actually works based on this experience. Learn more about natural therapies such as supplements, vitamins, diets, off label prescription medications, and more below: 

Anti tpo antibody guide

Anti TPO Thyroid Antibody Guide: Symptoms + Optimal Ranges & More

10 day thyroid reset diet

Thyroid Reset – 4 Ways to Get Your Thyroid Back on Track


Want Some More Help? Get My FREE Thyroid Downloads Below

Want some additional help? I've got you covered!

I've created 8 downloads and resources that you can grab for free below. These resources have some amazing information that I think every thyroid patient should be aware of. 

These resources are 100% free and are available to you at no charge. All you need to do is click the download button below and whatever resource you want will be emailed to you ASAP. 

Why do I provide these resources? 

Because my goal is to provide thyroid patients with not only amazing free information on the internet but also the most helpful information. 

Hypothyroid Symptoms Checklist: 

Use this printable list to determine how likely you are to have thyroid disease. The goal here is to help you understand which symptoms are related to your thyroid and which aren't. 

The Complete List of Thyroid Lab Tests:

This list includes optimal ranges, normal ranges, and the complete list of tests you need to diagnose thyroid hypothyroidism correctly!

Clinical Studies to Take to your Doctor: 

Complete list of 50+ studies which prove that the therapies I list on my website are safe and effective. It's made so that you can take them directly to your doctor to support your case. 

Tips & Tricks to Find a Thyroid Doctor: 

Finding a thyroid doctor can be difficult, which is why I created this resource. You'll find several tips to help you find a doctor who will treat you appropriately here. 

Foods to Avoid if you have Thyroid Problems: 

I've found that these 10 foods cause the most problems for thyroid patients. Learn which foods you should absolutely be avoiding if you have thyroid disease of any type. 

How to Calculate "Optimal" Free T4, Free T3, & Reverse T3 Ratio: 

Calculating these ratios is important because it can help you determine if your efforts are on the right track and whether or not your medications are working. 

Free 3 Day Thyroid Meal Plan: 

This 3-day meal plan should help you get on the right track and give you an idea of why types of foods you should be eating. 

List of Thyroid Medications by Name:

This list will help you understand the basics of thyroid medication and help you understand if you are getting the right treatment for your body. 

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