Write for us - Be featured on restartmed.com with a guest blog post

Write for us

Now is your opportunity to be featured on restartmed.com

Due to an increased demand from readers, we are opening the restartmed.com blog for exceptional health care professionals and providers who share Dr. Childs value and have a passion for helping patients feel better!

This is targeted towards those professionals who treat patients:

  • Physicians and other providers
  • Health coaches
  • Personal trainers
  • Fitness coaches
  • Nutrition coaches
  • etc. (if you are some other provider we will still feature your article as long as it is extremely high quality and meets our standards outlined below)

We are only accepting very high quality posts, as we have a standard to maintain. 

Here are the guildelines for submissions:

  • Your post must be an original post (it can't be a rewrite of some other article on your current blog)
  • After we publish your article you can't copy and paste it back on your own personal site
  • The length must be at minimum 2,000 words and up to 5,000 words total of high quality content with links and citations backing up any claims that you make
  • If you don't provide pictures we will provide pictures on your behalf
  • You are welcome to link to other sources but do not link several times to your own site or content
  • Your article must be actionable (how to guides, dietary recommendations, links to authoritative places, people must be able to take action based on your recommendations) - links to supplements, etc. are recommended as long as they are high quality
  • Your topic must be related to weight loss, hormone balancing, women's health, functional medicine or integrative medicine
  • Your article or post may be edited and changed to fit Dr. Childs style of writing and education

The benefits of writing for us:

  • ​Your article will be shared on facebook (over 27,000 fans currently) and we will boost your article as well (you are welcome to boost the post beyond our initial boost if you'd like)
  • Your article will be shared on facebook (over 27,000 fans) and emailed to over 17,000 people
  • You will be put in front of thousands of patients who desperately need your help and may become future patients
  • You will get feedback from Dr. Childs regarding your information
  • You will become more authoritative in your field and as a provider
  • We will provide a direct link for people to visit your site if they like what they are reading from you

A few things to avoid:

  • ​Rehashed articles (or a spin of a current article already on your site)
  • Fluffy or non actionable writing style (this needs to be very high quality)
  • No citations to back up any scientific claims that you make
  • You are not focusing on helping patients feel better (you are promoting yourself instead)
  • Lack of structure, your information is not logical or easy to follow (lacks a general flow)

Get started:

If you are interested in getting started please email [email protected] with at least 2-3 topic ideas that you would love to write about. 

Please also include a short bio about yourself, why you'd like to be featured on restartmed.com and a link to your personal site.