The Thyroid Diet 4-Week Plan: Recipes + Supplements + Detox & More

The Thyroid Diet 4-Week Plan

What's included

  • 4 weeks of healthy and nutritious meal plans + recipes to help you to better health (177 pages of information)
  • Advice on how to adjust your diet according to hormone imbalances like insulin resistance, leptin resistance and adrenal fatigue
  • Exercise recommendations to boost weight loss and burn more fat
  • Detox recommendations to remove endocrine disruptors and balance your thyroid
  • Supplement recommendations for specific hormone imbalances (the same combinations I use on my patients)
  • Tips and tricks that I haven't shared on this blog
sleep better
have energy

Real patients, real results 

The truth is that you can feel better and have more ​energy.

It's just a matter of following the right approach. One that has been used before and has worked in patients before you.  

In this 4 week plan I walk you through the same tips and tricks that I use on my personal patients to get the results you've seen on this blog. 

I've made it easy to read, simple to follow and almost fool proof. 

Healthy and lasting weight loss

Do you feel like weight loss is impossible? 

It isn't...

You just need the right approach.

One that takes into account specific hormone imbalances and adjusts your diet and therapies accordingly. 

This 4 week plan takes these hormone imbalances into account and walks you through how to make adjustments to your regimen to get the BEST results. 

lose weight
get your life back

Feel better and live better

​This 4 week plan is for you IF...

You are ready to make changes to your diet...

You want to feel better and know that there is a way to make it happen...

You are ready to stick ​out the tough times knowing that improvement will come...

You WANT more energy, to lose weight, to sleep better and to feel normal again...​

You are ready to take your life back. 

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The Thyroid Diet 4-Week Plan eBook

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  • 177 pages of Recipes + meal plans & more
  • Shopping lists for each week and recipes for each day
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Detox recommendations
  • Intermittent fasting routine
  • Tips and tricks to boost weight loss
  • Tips to reduce sugar cravings
  • Advice on how to tailor your diet to your hormone imbalances
  • & More

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