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Fasting for weight loss: How to use this therapy for weight loss

Fasting for Weight Loss: Does it Actually Work?

Fasting is probably the single cheapest and most effective weight loss tool that exists.  It doesn’t cost money to buy new foods, protein bars, protein powders, or supplements and all it requires is some willpower and the ability to refrain from eating.  But does it actually work? Will fasting help you lose weight, trim down …

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reversing type II diabetes with hypothyroidism

How Ruth Reversed Her Diabetes with Hypothyroidism Using T3, NDT & Fasting

T3 helps to reverse insulin resistance and diabetes. After treating hundreds of patients I’ve found the two MOST common hormone imbalances in hypothyroid patients to be decreased T3 and insulin resistance. The sad part? Most doctors miss the connection between insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, and it may be the PRIMARY reason you are unable to …

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