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The connection between hypothyroidism and depression including treatment

The Connection Between Hypothyroidism and Depression

Does thyroid disease cause depression? Should taking thyroid medication, if you have thyroid disease, eliminate your depression? What should you do if you are taking thyroid medication but still experiencing depressive symptoms? In this post, we will discuss the connection between hypothyroidism and depression including how to approach treatment, which thyroid medications are best, and …

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How t3 thyroid hormone helps reverse

How T3 Thyroid Hormone Helps Treat Depression (+ Other Treatments)

Do we actually have a depression epidemic? Or do we have an untreated thyroid epidemic? After treating hundreds of depressed hypothyroid patients I tend to think it’s the latter. You see… I’ve found that treating depressed hypothyroid patients with the RIGHT kind of medication at the RIGHT dose almost completely eliminates (or at least significantly …

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