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Why you Can’t Stay on the Same Thyroid Medication Dose Forever

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Why you Can't Stay on the Same Thyroid Medication Dose Forever

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Many people are often confused by the fact that their thyroid medication dose is likely to change over time. I’ve had numerous questions of people who find a dose that works for them, possibly for years, only to find out that it is no longer working.

Why does this occur?

The main reason has to do with the impact that thyroid medication has on TSH suppression and your body’s ability to adjust its own thyroid hormone production.

If you are taking medication, of any type, this process will be blunted and you will be unable to make changes as you would if you had a normally functioning gland.

This means that you will need to adjust your medication to compensate for these changes.

What type of things can cause changes to the demand for thyroid hormone?

I’ve listed several that you should be aware of, but please note that there are many more than these:

Age – Most people agree that the demand for thyroid hormone decreases as you age. I find this to be mostly true but not universally true.

Stress – Stress, from any and all causes, can impact how much thyroid hormone you need. More stress typically results in increased demand for thyroid hormone (but not always).
Occasionally, stress may necessitate a reduction in your dose.

Weight gain – Recent weight gain, from any cause, may increase the demand for thyroid hormone in your body. The more mass and tissue you have the more likely you are to need more thyroid medication. If you suddenly or abruptly gain 20-30 pounds you should look at your thyroid dose.

Weight loss (6) – Rapid and unhealthy weight loss may lead to an increase in demand for thyroid hormone while a healthy and sustained weight loss may result in a reduction in your total dose. It all depends on how you are losing your weight and whether it is healthy or not.

Dieting – Calorie restriction, especially if used for the purposes of weight loss, may impact how much thyroid medication you need. Typically, the more you calorie restrict the more your body will need T3. You may also find that you have high levels of reverse T3 with calorie restriction.

Chronic medical conditions

Supplements – Have you started taking any new supplements? These may interfere with thyroid medication directly or with absorption which may necessitate changes to your medication. In addition, some supplements such as the ones that I recommend may help naturally improve thyroid function. If this occurs you may find that you need a smaller dose.

Prescription medications – Prescription medications can also have either a positive or negative effect (7) on your thyroid medication. Not unlike supplements, it really depends on what you are taking and why. But you should be aware that starting new medications may interfere with your thyroid meds.

GERD & other intestinal issues (8)

Severity of thyroid condition

Systemic inflammation

You can read the entire blog post here: https://www.restartmed.com/you-cant-stay-on-the-same-thyroid-medication-dose-forever/

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