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Why you aren’t feeling better (one BIG reason)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Why you aren't feeling better (one BIG reason)

We need to talk about one of the MAIN reasons that thyroid patients (or any patients for that matter) fail to get better. This reason has to do with how you use supplements but it also applies to prescription medications and pretty much ANY therapy available.

This topic has come to my mind because I have been hearing more and more about how certain people are using therapies but not feeling better. The more I hear these stories the more I realize that most of you aren’t aware of how these therapies actually work.

And if you miss this important step then you risk putting yourself on the RIGHT therapy but stopping it for the WRONG reasons. So something that could help you becomes something that you stop and may never look at for future treatment again!

And, again, we are talking about this as it applies to supplements because these are available over the counter but this also applies to prescription medications and other natural therapies.

Here are 4 things you MUST consider before you decide whether or not a therapy is working for you. If you don’t do these things then you have no idea as to whether you were on the right therapy or not.

4 things to know about all of your therapies:

#1. Dose.

Put simply: if you are not on the right dose then whatever you are taking simply won’t work. But here’s how things get tricky…

The recommended dose for most supplements are a one size fits all which doesn’t work for all people.

Some people will need more (much more in some cases) or less than that standard dose. So if you use the standard dose and it doesn’t work you might be tempted to quit the supplement altogether. But if you would have doubled your dose things might be dramatically different!

#2. Duration of therapy.

The duration of therapy refers to how long you are using something. If you think that taking a supplement for 2 weeks is enough time for you to fix problems that have been 10 years in the making then you have a rude awakening. You need to be thinking on the time scale of 3-6 MONTHS and not 3-6 weeks for certain supplements and therapies (especially those which target your hormones).

#3. Side effects.

Another HUGE problem is that many people don’t realize that once they are on the RIGHT therapy they may actually feel WORSE (temporarily). This is due to a number of reasons but the biggest has to do with the detox like reaction which occurs especially when you lose weight.

#4. Confounding variables.

Other variables, including your current weight, how much stress you are under, your genetics, and medications that you are using can all impact your therapies and may render them either ineffective or more effective. Keep this in mind!

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