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What to use instead of thyroid medications (5 therapies)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
What to use instead of thyroid medications (5 therapies)

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Just about every day I get questions about alternative options for thyroid medications. Is there anything else that you can use? Do they actually work? We are going to discuss that today.

BEFORE I DO! Make sure you understand that you should not stop your thyroid medication without first consulting your doctor. There are some people who must be on thyroid medication forever and you must know if you fit into that category. Stopping your thyroid medications abruptly without the assistance of a physician can be dangerous.

On the other hand, there are many people with thyroid disease who may be able to decrease their medication with the right therapies. And these are the people I am talking to now!

These therapies may be able to hep you improve your thyroid function naturally. They can be used with all types of thyroid medications and may help your thyroid function on its own.

Recommended thyroid supplements to enhance thyroid function:
– For thyroid hormone production and conversion: https://www.restartmed.com/product/th… + https://www.restartmed.com/product/t3…
– For hair loss: https://www.restartmed.com/product/th…
– For weight management: https://www.restartmed.com/product/gu… + https://www.restartmed.com/product/fu…
– For gut health: https://www.restartmed.com/product/ul…
– For energy and adrenal health: https://www.restartmed.com/product/th… + https://www.restartmed.com/product/po…

I’m Dr. Westin Childs and I focus on thyroid health, hormone balance, and weight loss. I write about thyroid disorders, weight loss, insulin resistance, estrogen/progesterone balance on my blog. I truly believe that hormone balance is the key to managing your weight, your mood and your quality of life which is why I’m so passionate about it.

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This video is not intended to be used as medical advice. If you have questions about your health please consult your physician or primary care provider. Dr. Westin Childs goes to great lengths to produce high-quality content but this is NOT a substitute for medical care.

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