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Thyroid testing: How to get 100% accurate results (how and when to test your thyroid)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Thyroid testing: How to get 100% accurate results (how and when to test your thyroid)

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Getting accurate thyroid lab tests is incredibly important for thyroid patients. And what you may not realize is that there are a lot of rules which should be followed if you want to get accurate thyroid lab test results.

Why would you care? Well, for starters, if you don’t get accurate results then your treatment will be off. Why do you think so many thyroid patients continue to suffer from hypothyroid symptoms despite having normal thyroid lab tests?

Part of this problem is simply due to the fact that they are getting inaccurate tests which lead them down the wrong path.

What’s the solution? To ensure that you are following thyroid lab testing best practices so you can ensure that your lab tests are ACCURATE.

Before you get your thyroid labs tested you should ensure that you are following these guidelines:

#1. Get the full thyroid lab panel.
– The full set of thyroid lab tests includes TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, SHBG, and cortisol.

These tests should be ordered at least the first time you get your labs tested (but are not always required on each subsequent lab test).

#2. Check your labs at 8:00am.
– Your thyroid function fluctuates throughout the day and reaches its peak first thing in the morning. You want to test during this time to see how well it is working.

#3. Check your thyroid lab tests in the fasted state.
– Consuming food can impact your metabolism and therefore your thyroid. You also want to check other lab tests at the same time and they require a fasted state.

#4. Check your labs BEFORE taking your thyroid medication.
– You want to check your thyroid lab tests around 23-24 hours AFTER you take your thyroid medication.

#5. Don’t test your thyroid on days 10-20 of your menstrual cycle.
These are days in which your progesterone is high which can impact your thyroid lab test results.

#6. Avoid taking Biotin PRIOR to your lab tests.
– Biotin can interfere with the thyroid lab testing assay and make your lab tests less accurate and make you look more hyperthyroid.

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