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(TBS #7) Reverse T3: The Thyroid Lab Test You’re Missing

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
(TBS #7) Reverse T3: The Thyroid Lab Test You’re Missing

This is lesson #7 in the thyroid beginner series and it’s all about the thyroid lab test known as reverse T3.

Reverse T3 is a routine thyroid lab test that can be ordered by your doctor which is incredibly sensitive at identifying thyroid dysfunction.

Compared to almost all other thyroid lab tests, reverse T3 becomes abnormal the soonest in thyroid disease which makes it very sensitive at identifying early thyroid dysfunction.

Reverse T3 is created by the thyroid conversion process in which your body takes T4 and turns it into this inactive thyroid metabolite.

As your body creates reverse T3 it necessarily reduces the amount of T3 that it creates (a very bad thing!).

As reverse T3 increases, it will compete with T3 for cellular binding which will reduce thyroid function in your body.

When testing for reverse T3 make sure that your level is less than 15 as higher levels are often associated with thyroid dysfunction and other symptoms.

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