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(TBS #19) 5 Causes of Low TRH & How it Impacts Thyroid Function

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
(TBS #19) 5 Causes of Low TRH & How it Impacts Thyroid Function

Today is episode #19 and it’s all about TRH and TSH and how these two hormones impact thyroid function.

You’re probably already familiar with TSH which stands for thyroid stimulating hormone.

TRH stands for thyrotropic releasing hormone and it is secreted by the hypothalamus.

The job of TRH is to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce TSH which then acts on your thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone.

Problems with TRH may result in decreased TSH production which may cause falsely low levels of TSH and thyroid hormone in the body.

The problem here is that with dysregulated TRH you still have the symptoms of hypothyroidism even though your TSH and free thyroid hormone levels look “normal”.

This means many people with TRH related issues may be misdiagnosed as “normal” even though they really do have thyroid problems.

So what causes TRH dysfunction? I’ve listed 5 of the major causes below and you will find that they are quite common:

#1. High stress or high cortisol.
– Highly stressful situations can damage your hypothalamus and reduce the amount of TRH that your body is able to produce.

#2. Dieting, Calorie restriction, and starvation.
– If you restrict your calories you may damage your metabolism, thyroid, and hypothalamus in the process. Dieting for as few as 21 consecutive days may cause this problem.

#3. Leptin resistance.
– Leptin resistance is a hormone imbalance which “tricks” your brain into thinking you are in a state of starvation when you have extra fat on your body. It does this by interfering with your hypothalamus.

#4. Inflammation.
– Inflammation from any cause may negatively impact thyroid function from both the conversion standpoint and hypothalamic standpoint.

#5. Prescription medications.
– Prescription medications such as cortisol can suppress TRH and TSH in your brain and impact thyroid function.

You can check for TRH levels with a simple serum test and this may help you figure out what is actually happening in your body.

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