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(TBS #16) Is Salivary Cortisol Testing Worth the Money? 5 Important Things to Know

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
(TBS #16) Is Salivary Cortisol Testing Worth the Money? 5 Important Things to Know

Today is episode #16 and it’s all about salivary cortisol testing!

Should you get this test? Should you save your money? Is it actually useful? Let’s talk about these questions.

The main reason that most people get salivary cortisol testing is that they believe they have a condition known as adrenal fatigue but all other tests have come up as negative (usually serum cortisol).

Does that mean that getting the salivary cortisol test is worth the money?

I don’t think so and here are 5 reasons why:

#1. The results of your test don’t necessarily change your treatment.

Whether you have high or low cortisol the treatment is almost always the same. Focus on sleeping more, reducing your stress, eating a healthy diet and taking adrenal supplements.

#2. Treatment is often cheaper than testing.

The salivary cortisol test can run anywhere from $150 to $300 and insurance typically doesn’t cover it. You can usually get supplements for a fraction of that price and eating a healthy diet, getting more sleep and exercising more shouldn’t break the bank.

#3. You can still get valuable information with a serum cortisol test.

This test shouldn’t be overlooked and it can still give you value. When you look at it through the lens of what is “optimal” vs what is “normal” you can actually determine if your cortisol is dysregulated.

#4. Serum cortisol is covered by insurance.

Whenever possible it’s a good idea to use your insurance to cover your costs! Salivary cortisol is NOT covered by insurance but serum cortisol usually is.

#5. Both glandulars and adaptogens can treat high or low cortisol.

Whether your cortisol is high, or low, adrenal adaptogens can help to normalize it.

These supplements have been shown in studies to help lower your cortisol if it is high or to help increase it if it is low.

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