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(TBS #13) Optimal vs Normal Ranges for Thyroid Lab Tests Explained

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
(TBS #13) Optimal vs Normal Ranges for Thyroid Lab Tests Explained

This is lesson #13 and today is all about Optimal vs Normal ranges for thyroid lab tests.

You can find the link to the complete article here as referenced in the video: https://www.restartmed.com/normal-thyroid-levels/

What is the difference between optimal and normal ranges when it comes to your thyroid?

Normal refers to the standard reference range that the laboratory company creates based on the population. These ranges are generated from thousands of people of various ages and health status.

If you look at the average person in our country you will notice that they are most likely NOT healthy and therefore not someone that you want to be compared against.

Optimal, on the other hand, refers to the range that a normal healthy adult would be in assuming they have no medical or metabolic conditions.

You want to compare yourself to this standard and NOT the normal standard.

Looking at your labs in this way will provide you with 2 separate ranges, one that is broader (the reference range) and one that is more narrow (the optimal range).

This video outlines the optimal ranges for all thyroid lab tests including: TSH, free t3, free t4, reverse t3 and thyroid antibodies.

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