T3 and Weight Loss Q & A for Hashimoto's, Thyroidectomy, & Hypothyroidism with Dr. Amie Hornaman - Dr. Westin Childs | Thyroid & Health Supplements That Work

T3 and Weight Loss Q & A for Hashimoto’s, Thyroidectomy, & Hypothyroidism with Dr. Amie Hornaman

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
T3 and Weight Loss Q & A for Hashimoto's, Thyroidectomy, & Hypothyroidism with Dr. Amie Hornaman

Today I have Dr. Amie Hornaman on my podcast for a follow up Q & A based on our previous podcast! Dr. Amie is known as the thyroid fixer and both her and I share a similar philosophy when it comes to treating and managing hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and thyroidectomy patients.

Our conversation today focuses mostly on T3 thyroid medication, how to use it, who should use it, its safety, how it impacts thyroid lab tests, and much more. We also talk a lot about weight loss and common pitfalls that thyroid patients face when they try to lose weight.

You can learn more about Dr. Amie Hornaman here:
– Her Podcast the Thyroid Fixer: https://dramiehornaman.com/podcasts/
– Her Website: https://dramiehornaman.com/meet-amie/

If you have any additional questions please be sure to leave them below so we can do yet another follow-up Q and A.

Topics and questions discussed in this video include:
– Do we all need T3?
– Using T3 if you have a thyroidectomy, is 5mcg a good starting dose, and should I worry about lowering my TSH?
– Risks vs rewards of TSH suppression and low TSH
– Can you be hypothyroid with a low TSH
– When is the best time of day to take T3? Is taking T3 at night safe and effective?
– Is taking levothyroxine at night better than in the morning?
– Taking T3 before you drink coffee
– Making tweaks to your thyroid medication when you are completely optimized vs when you are trying to optimize your dose
– T3 and T4 sublingual absorption. Can you take your thyroid medication under your tongue?
– How can I lose weight, balance immune function, and improve my thyroid numbers if I have Hashimoto’s?
– How thyroid function impairs other hormones downstream which then makes losing eight more difficult
– When to use sustained release T3 and how it compares to immediate release T3
– I can’t lose weight even when eating 1650 calories per day, what can I do to lose weight?
– Why reducing your calories as a hypothyroid patient can lead to thyroid damage and problems with reverse T3
– What is a good starting dose of berberine for weight loss?

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