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Should you use thyroid supplements if your thyroid has been removed or destroyed?

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Should you use thyroid supplements if your thyroid has been removed or destroyed?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is that there are still several reasons to supplement even if your thyroid has been removed.

Once your thyroid has been removed it’s better to think of yourself as hypothyroid rather than hyperthyroid (because many people who have their thyroid removed have it removed for this reason).

That means once your thyroid is removed most of the information you find regarding hypothyroidism is relevant to you.

In addition, once your thyroid has been removed and once you take thyroid medication, there are still several steps that must occur in your body in order for you to use that medication effectively.

The first is that your body must activate the thyroid hormone and turn it from T4 into the active thyroid hormone T3. This process requires several key nutrients including Zinc and Selenium.

Once your thyroid hormone has been activated it must then act on the cells themselves. There are several nutrients involved in this process as well as several hormone systems.

Hormone imbalances such as leptin resistance, cortisol resistance, and insulin resistance can all interfere with thyroid hormone cellular function and there are supplements you can take to help improve this condition.

They don’t necessarily help directly, but they may help your thyroid work indirectly.

You can find a list of supplements which all work if you don’t have a thyroid or if it’s been damaged by RAI below:

Recommended thyroid supplements to enhance thyroid function:
– For thyroid hormone production and conversion:… +…
– For hair loss:…
– For weight management:… +…
– For gut health:…
– For energy and adrenal health:… +…

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