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How to Sleep for Better Thyroid Health & Weight Loss

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
How to Sleep for Better Thyroid Health & Weight Loss

This video outlines my best tips and tricks to get better sleep.

Sleep is probably the single most important therapy that I know of when it comes to treating just about ALL diseases and conditions.

Want to lose more weight? Get more sleep.
Want to reduce inflammation in your body? Get more sleep.
Want to improve your autoimmune disease? Get more sleep.
Want to age better? Get more sleep.

Getting 8 hours of sleep every night is probably the single closest thing we have to a “cure” for these conditions and is something that we ALL need and can all get more of.

Every time I talk about the importance of sleep, though, there are a number of people who ask HOW they can do it.

Well, here’s your answer!

These are 12 tips and tricks that I’ve used successfully on either myself or my patients to help them get better sleep.

List of tips:
#1. Get a sleep divorce
Sleep in a different room from your partner/spouse.

#2. Set your temperature 1-2 degrees cooler
Lowering the temperature in your house or around your body can improve the depth and quality of your sleep.

#3. Have more sex (earlier)
Having more sex is great for better sleep but make sure you have it early in the day! Having sex right before bed may make falling asleep difficult.

#4. Take supplements
Some supplements, such as melatonin, can definitely help you fall asleep faster.

#5. Use a screen shader
Screen shaders are built into most devices and they allow you to naturally block out blue light.

#6. Keep a worry journal
A worry journal can help you get rid of thoughts that race through your mind at night and keep you from falling asleep.

#7. Use a white noise machine
Using white noise or other sounds can help you fall asleep and reduce the chance you wake up from small noises.

#8. Eliminate caffeine/coffee
Cut back on coffee or caffeine by at least 50% from whatever your daily dose is! Some people are very sensitive and need to be off of it for good.

#9. Use meditation
Meditation is incredibly helpful at helping you calm down and can help with anxiety.

#10. Wear blue light blocking glasses
If you can’t get your device to block blue light then you can use blue light blocking glasses at night to prevent circadian rhythm disruption.

#11. Change your pillow
Play around with the texture and firmness of your pillow. The right pillow can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.

#12. Massage therapy and chiropractic work
Using massage therapy or chiropractic work can help ease muscle tension and improve the depth of your sleep.

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