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How to Make Your Thyroid Medication More Effective (6 EASY Steps to Feeling Better)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
How to Make Your Thyroid Medication More Effective (6 EASY Steps to Feeling Better)

These steps will make your prescription thyroid medication MORE effective. You’ll feel better by using these proven tips.

Many thyroid patients have been prescribed thyroid medication yet they don’t feel much different once they start taking it.

Has that happened to you?

You’ve probably been told that the only way to help you feel better is to adjust your dose but that may not be entirely true.

It turns out that there are some things that YOU can do, which are within your control, which can help make your thyroid dose more effective.

In other words, you can help your body feel better without adjusting your thyroid medication dose to make that dose of medication feel like it’s more powerful.

And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Below you will find 6 strategies that will help do just that:

#1. Increase T4 to T3 conversion with supplements.

Supplements like zinc, selenium, and guggul extract can help improve T4 to T3 conversion. The more T3 thyroid hormone you have floating around in your bloodstream the better you will feel. You can take these ingredients in supplement form and I have a product which contains all of them (T3 conversion booster). If you don’t want to use my product you can get them from other sources as well!

#2. Change WHEN you take your thyroid medication

The next thing you can do is change what time of DAY that you take your thyroid medication.

Some people experience BETTER absorption by simply taking their thyroid medication in the evening.

#3. Increase cellular sensitivity to T3 using supplements

Some supplements can also help your body become more sensitive to T3 hormone that you create or convert. Ingredients such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A help with this process. If you are not sensitive to the T3 that you create then you simply won’t feel better.

#4. Improve your gut to increase thyroid medication absorption

If you want to feel better then you need to make sure that your thyroid medication is getting absorbed by your intestinal tract.

#5. Stop taking medications that BLOCK thyroid medication absorption and function

Did you know that prescription medications can block or limit how much thyroid medication you absorb? These medications can also slow down thyroid function independent of how they impact absorption.

#6. Take it CORRECTLY

Lastly, you need to make sure you are NOT taking your thyroid medication with food, coffee, juice, or other drinks. Doing so will limit how much thyroid medication is getting into your system!

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