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How Doctors Fail Thyroid Patients (12,000 Thyroid Patients Grade Their Doctor)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
How Doctors Fail Thyroid Patients (12,000 Thyroid Patients Grade Their Doctor)

The unfortunate truth is that most doctors fail thyroid patients. This is why so many thyroid patients are unhappy with their current treatment.

As a whole, do you think doctors help or hurt thyroid patients?

This survey of over 12,000 thyroid patients shows that doctors, on the average, are not helping thyroid patients.

These 12,000 thyroid patients were asked a series of questions and their responses were recorded. Among these questions, they were asked how satisfied they were with their current treatment, they were asked what type of problems and issues they continue to have, they were asked how long they had their thyroid disease, and they were asked what type of thyroid medication they were taking.

The results are probably not surprising to you as a thyroid patient if you’ve been following me for any length of time but it’s still good to go over them.

On the whole, these 12,000 thyroid patients gave their doctors a 5 out of 10 on the satisfaction scale. This means that doctors are getting a 50% grade in thyroid management. In other words, they are failing!

Additional important findings include:

62% of people who responded to the survey were taking T4 only thyroid medications like levothyroxine and Synthroid.
41% of respondents have been receiving thyroid treatment for 10 years or MORE
43% of respondents suffer from hypothyroidism from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (the #1 cause of hypothyroidism in most developed countries)
The overall satisfaction among thyroid patients receiving treatment for their hypothyroidism is 5 out of 10
69% of respondents suffer from weight management issues (which is a major cause of their dissatisfaction)
77% of respondents suffer from fatigue or low energy (which is a major cause of their dissatisfaction)
Thyroid patients rate the need for new thyroid therapies as a 10 out of 10

What does this mean for you? It DOESN’T mean that you have to suffer from thyroid disease forever. Instead, it means that you are probably going to have to look outside of the traditional advice that your doctor gives you regarding your thyroid.

But there are things within your control that you can do to help you feel better. Things like changing your diet, exercising regularly, getting more sleep, reducing your stress, and taking thyroid boosting supplements can all help.

How satisfied are you with your thyroid management? What grade would you give your own doctor? Let me know below!

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