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Does Keto Cause Thyroid Problems? Keto & Hypothyroidism

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Does Keto Cause Thyroid Problems? Keto & Hypothyroidism

Should you avoid the keto diet if you have thyroid problems? Will the ketogenic diet cause hypothyroidism or low thyroid function? The answer is maybe.

I’m not a huge fan of keto for thyroid patients for a few reasons and we will be discussing those reasons below. Having said that, there is a time and a place for using the keto diet if you have thyroid problems.

Will keto cause thyroid problems? Probably not, but it may trigger it in some people or make it worse in others. It’s not the keto causing it per se but it’s the fact that you were probably bordering on hypothyroidism anyway and that just happened to be the trigger.

It’s also the case that some people who do keto with existing thyroid disease will get worse. Not most, not all, probably not the majority, but some. So that is a risk worth considering before you go on it.

Some of the pros of the keto diet include:
May cause rapid weight loss (sometimes but not always)
Impact on insulin and blood sugar
Treats depression, cognitive function, and memory
May be better for appetite control

Some of the cons of the keto diet include:
May not work as well for women as men
May reduce free T3 levels and increase reverse T3 levels (appears to be proportionate to carbohydrate intake)
May increase cholesterol levels
May deplete minerals/nutrients
Easy to do wrong (unhealthy versions)

Key takeaways for thyroid patients:
1. Keto can work for thyroid patients, I’ve recommended it on thyroid patients and have seen success.
2. I’m hesitant to recommend it long-term as it hasn’t been well studied.
3. Healthy keto is probably much healthier than the standard american diet, so if you like eating that way and the alternative is worse, then it’s probably okay to continue the keto diet.
4. As a thyroid patient, if you have tried other diets without success, then trying a keto diet is probably okay. If it leads to weight loss then the pros probably outweigh the cons.
5. If you feel worse on the keto diet or you see that your thyroid gets worse, then stop doing it!
6. If you want to be safe, keep an eye on your thyroid lab tests after starting it. If you both feel worse and see a drop in your thyroid labs then you have an answer. If your thyroid labs get worse but you feel better then it’s unclear what you should do from there.

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