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6 Healthy Habits That May Be Hurting Your Thyroid (From the salt you use to eating gluten-free)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
6 Healthy Habits That May Be Hurting Your Thyroid (From the salt you use to eating gluten-free)

Are these 6 healthy habits accidentally hurting your thyroid? It can be tough figuring out what works for you as a thyroid patient, especially when some healthy habits may actually have a negative impact on your thyroid.

Certain foods, including gluten-free foods, may actually block the uptake of iodine into your thyroid gland!

Before we jump in, don’t let this information confuse you. Healthy habits are still great for your thyroid but these are things you should be aware of.

See this list of healthy habits that may have detrimental effects on thyroid function:

1. Using Himalayan pink salt and Celtic sea salt
These types of salt are great to use but they do not contain iodine. It’s not a problem if you use them but just make sure that you are also getting enough iodine in for your thyroid gland from other sources.

2. Eating too many green vegetables (without complementary iodine intake)
Green vegetables are great for your overall health but they do have a goitrogenic impact on your thyroid. You can safely consume plenty of green vegetables as long as you are also consuming enough iodine.

3. Taking a hair skin and nails supplement
Hair, skin, and nails supplements are bad by themselves but you need to be aware that they often contain biotin. Biotin can interfere with your thyroid lab tests (NOT thyroid function) which may cause your doctor to underdose you. Be aware of this if you are using one.

4. Eating too many brazil nuts each day
Brazil nuts contain selenium which is great for thyroid function but it’s easy to accidentally take too many and cause selenium toxicity. Be aware of this if you are on the keto diet.

5. Taking supplements that contain sulforaphane
Sulforaphane is the ingredient found inside vegetables that helps reduce inflammation, act as an anti-oxidant, and provides a lot of benefits. The only problem is that this ingredient ALSO blocks iodine uptake into the thyroid gland.

6. Consuming foods and supplements that contain cyanide
Some foods, including gluten free foods, contain naturally occurring sources of cyanide. As your body eliminates cyanide it creates thiocyanates which may block iodine. Foods/vitamins that contain naturally occurring sources of cyanide include: cyanocobalamin, cassava, lima beans, sprouted sorghum, flax seeds, almonds, sweet potatoes

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