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12 Reasons you still have Hypothyroid Symptoms (Even on thyroid medication)

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
12 Reasons you still have Hypothyroid Symptoms (Even on thyroid medication)

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It’s becoming more and more common for thyroid patients to experience hypothyroid symptoms despite being treated “adequately” with prescription medications.

In addition, there are a number of people who suffer from hypothyroid symptoms and yet have normal thyroid lab tests and are unable to get appropriate treatment.

Why does this occur?

Well, for many reasons, but I think some of the most common are listed below:

*And, by the way, this information is relevant whether you have a thyroid or not, whether you are taking thyroid medication or not, and regardless of what type or flavor of hypothyroidism that you have.

#1. You are not on the right thyroid medication.

#2. You are not taking Enough Thyroid Medication

#3. Your ‘Thyroid Symptoms’ are not thyroid symptoms after all

#4. You have autoimmune thyroiditis

#5. You are not absorbing your medication

#6. Your Labs aren’t optimized

#7. You have un-treated nutrient deficiencies

#8. Your medications are interfering with your thyroid function

#9. You are overweight

#10. You have sub-clinical hypothyroidism

#11. Your Genes are playing a role

#12. You are Depressed/Anxious or Stressed

You can read the entire blog post here: https://www.restartmed.com/reasons-hypothyroid-symptoms/

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I’m Dr. Westin Childs and I focus on thyroid health, hormone balance, and weight loss. I write about thyroid disorders, weight loss, insulin resistance, estrogen/progesterone balance on my blog. I truly believe that hormone balance is the key to managing your weight, your mood and your quality of life which is why I’m so passionate about it.

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This video is not intended to be used as medical advice. If you have questions about your health please consult your physician or primary care provider. Dr. Westin Childs goes to great lengths to produce high-quality content but this is NOT a substitute for medical care.

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