1-on-1 Health & Nutrition Coaching

Get individualized 1-on-1 help with a functional medicine health & nutrition coach trained by Dr. Childs advanced hormone and thyroid protocols designed to balance hormones, help you lose weight and boost thyroid function. 

*Note Andrea is accepting 1 new patient and then we will close enrollment for new patients, please note Dr. Childs is not accepting patients but you can learn more about his lab testing and interpretation program here

get your life back

You know that changing your diet, reducing your stress, detoxing your liver, exercising the right amount (not too much to damage your adrenals but enough to influence your hormones), taking supplements, and using the right hormones are all important... 

But do you know where to start or which area you should focus on first?

Do you know how to eat to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass while still reducing insulin and leptin levels? 

Do you know which foods can make autoimmune diseases worse (but which may be necessary for short periods of time)? 

Do you know how to balance your diet to account for your hormones (to lower insulin & leptin levels)?

Do you know how to properly diagnose and treat GI related issues which may be reducing your thyroid function? ​

Do you know how much is too much exercise (or how to determine if reducing your exercise may lead to weight loss)?

The point is - navigating these questions can be almost impossible on your own. 

That's why having a health coach who actually UNDERSTANDS these conditions and who has treated patients exactly like you before is invaluable. 

Dr. Childs has worked with an personally trained health coaches to tackle the problems you see outlined on this blog. 

You can see the results patients who have worked with us below:  

6 month before/after picture of sustained weight loss: 

Melanie side view 9 month follow up

2 month before/after picture: 

angela side before after
angela front before after
sharilyn wp thyroid weight loss before after

Here's how Andrea (health coach trained by Dr. Childs) can help YOU: 

  • Help you with weight Weight loss - Weight loss will be impossible unless you know which hormones to evaluate and treat. The secret to long lasting and sustained weight loss is putting together all of the missing pieces. Few providers (doctors included) understand how this process fits together. 
  • Help put you on the right direction with your diet - How many carbs should you eat? How much protein? How much fat is too much? Should you eat low carb if you have adrenal problems? Will nightshades increase your antibody levels? Will the ketogenic diet help with weight loss? The right dietary advice is crucial for success and unless you have an understanding of all of these components, fixing your diet can be very difficult. 
  • Help put you on the right track to healing your thyroid - This complicated topic includes which medications may be best for your body, how to determine if you are converting T4 to T3 appropriately, which supplements to take to boost conversion/production and how it fits in to the bigger picture. 
  • Help balance your hormones for weight loss and more energy - While your thyroid is important you can't forget about estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone, cortisol, insulin and leptin. All of these hormones need to be balanced and in sync to get results. 
  • Help guide you in ordering and understand your lab results and what they mean for your body -  Your lab tests are critical to understanding the "big picture". Dr. Childs goes over all lab studies with his health coaches to help optimize treatment plans and make sure everyone is on the right track. 
  • Help guide you in using the RIGHT supplements and nutrients - Supplements will be a required and necessary step to a complete healing program. We target supplements toward the underlying cause of your issues. 
  • Heal and manage your GI function - Despite the importance of the GI function in health many providers miss the important connection between your GI tract and your hormones. Fixing bacterial overgrowth syndromes and dysbiosis is necessary for complete healing. 
  • Help heal your Metabolism - So many patients have a damaged metabolism from years of dieting and years of untreated hormone imbalances. If you don't fix your metabolism you will never lose weight and keep it off. We will use Dr. Childs protocols to help heal your metabolism and increase your fat burn. 
  • Help reduce and manage your stress levels - Reducing and managing your stress is essential to improving your energy levels long term. 
  • Help you understand what medications may be beneficial for your body based on your results - Certain medications can actually be helpful if used for short periods of time. We will help determine if these medications will help boost your results. 

4 Month Complete Health and Nutrition Coaching Program

​Don't waste your precious time and energy or the best years of your life away while you feel sick and terrible.

I can't tell you how many patients "tough it out" instead of finding someone who can help them. This approach never works and leads down a path that may turn you into someone you don't even recognize. 

Nothing is more valuable than your health and the one thing you can't turn back is time. 

It's time to take control of your health and start to finally feel better...

Ladawn before and after 1 year

What's included in this 4 month program?

  • 7, 1-on-1 visits over 4 months (3 the first month, 2 the next month, then 1 visit for the following months)
  • Updates via voice chat in between visits to help keep you on the right track (we use Voxer)
  • Complete and full hormone + comprehensive lab panel to get you started (with a recheck at the end)
  • Our advanced approach to thyroid management
  • Our advanced approach to weight loss with a focus on leptin/insulin resistance
  • Dietary instructions including meal plans, recipes etc. (we may ask you to change your diet to any of the following depending your situation: ketogenic diet, AIP, leptin diet, macro based diet, moderate carb diet with cycling, paleo based diet, low fodmap's diet, etc.)
  • Exercise recommendations including how/when and how much you should be exercising
  • Supplement recommendations and schedule based on your body
  • Advanced testing for GI function, adrenal status and nutrient status if necessary
  • Access to Dr. Childs weight loss programs
  • Access to injectables vitamins and nutrients as necessary

​Fees and Pricing & How it works

Functional Health & Nutrition Coaching Program

Get your Health back NOW.


1x payment of $2997


4x payments of $899

*Non-refundable after purchase

What happens after you purchase?

​You will receive a detailed welcome email which includes all of the information to get started. From there you will be able to schedule your first appointment and given instructions on what information we need to get you started. 

In addition you will be given a comprehensive functional lab analysis which includes testing for all hormones in your body (including leptin, full thyroid panel, estrogen/progesterone/testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, etc.) to get prior to your first visit.

Dr. Childs will evaluate your test results with Andrea (your health coach) prior to your first visit which will be approximately 2 weeks after you get your labs drawn.

Andrea will then create a treatment plan for you which will be reviewed by Dr. Childs to ensure you are on the right track.

Andrea and Dr. Childs will communicate with each other about your case ​as necessary after each visit, but all visits will be with Andrea (your functional nutrition health coach). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I be consulting with?

All of your visits will be with Andrea (your functional health coach) who has been trained by Dr. Childs. Andrea will discuss your case with Dr. Childs and together Andrea and Dr. Childs will create a treatment plan that is individualized for YOU. 

Will this program work for me?

We have yet to have a patient that didn't improve in our program, but like anything in life we cannot guarantee results.

We can assure you that we use the most advanced treatment guidelines available and we put you front and center in the treatment plans.

Our treatment plans require effort and energy on your part and you will be an active member during the healing process.

Please do not sign up if you aren't ready to make the changes necessary in your life to finally feel better. ​

Do I still need a Doctor if I use this program?

Yes, you should maintain care with your PCP and/or current provider. This program is designed to work with or without physician assistance. ​

Will Dr. Childs treat me if I use this program?

All of your visits will be with Andrea (your health coach), but the case will be reviewed and discussed with Dr. Childs before your first visit and after each phone visit.

Andrea (the health coach) talks and discusses cases with Dr. Childs almost daily, but this program does not offer 1-on-1 help with Dr. Childs.

*Please note that this program does not include prescription medications. 

​How do I get labs and are they included in the price?

You will be given a comprehensive lab form that includes diagnosis codes to take to whichever lab you prefer. Most of the time these labs are covered by insurance but we can't guarantee that they will be. It is up to you to determine if your insurance will cover the labs. ​

You will receive this lab form prior to your first visit so that when you have your first visit Andrea and Dr. Childs will have your labs to discuss with you.

We can recheck labs throughout your program as necessary as well. ​

Are supplements included in the program?

Supplements will be necessary as part of your personalized program and they are not included in the price. ​

What if I live out of state?

This program is designed to work with patients who live out of state or out of country.

Is this program refundable?

The program is non-refundable once you have your first appointment. Up until that time you can get a refund for your purchase. ​

​Can you guarantee that this program will work for me?

We can't guarantee that this program will work for you, but we have had amazing results so far. ​

Will insurance cover this?

No, this program is not covered under insurance plans. ​

What if I live in a different Country? 

You can still undergo this program if you live in a different country or state. 

We have had success treating patients from across the world ranking from the United Kingdom to India and everywhere in between. 

​What if I have more questions?

If you have further questions about how to get started please email our office here: [email protected]

How can I get started?​

Click the link below to purchase coaching program. 

After purchasing you will receive any email with further instructions, a welcome packet and information on how to go about scheduling your initial consultation.

We will do our best to get you in on the schedule within 2 weeks or so, so please prepare accordingly. ​

Functional Health & Nutrition Coaching Program

Get your Health back NOW.


1x payment of $2997


4x payments of $899