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1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Health & Nutrition Coaching

**Update 7/4/18 All slots are filled for this round of coaching, we will re-open the program when more slots open up!**

Hey guys, Dr. Childs here and I want to take a minute to explain an awesome new program that we've added to our current set of programs... 1 on 1 coaching! 

If you haven't already noticed it can be almost impossible to navigate your health journey without the right guidance or help. 

If you don't believe me just take a look at the comment section of the blog!

In some cases, it's definitely possible to get yourself started on the right place, and if you happen to fall into that boat then good for you! 

But for others, the journey to taking back their health can be much more complicated riddled with confusion and frustration! 

The good news is that there is a game changing option that may be available to you and that is personalized 1 on 1 coaching

1 on 1 health and nutrition coaching is the perfect option for people who have more complicated health histories, for those who benefit from a more personalized and individualized approach and for those who benefit from more accountability.

And an even better option for those who have failed conventional medical therapy.

coaching and weight loss

Conventional therapies put your chances at losing weight at 1 in 124 if you are a woman and 1 in 210 if you a man. 

This means that you less than a 1% chance of losing weight and keep it off if you try it on your own... 

This is just crazy and it does NOT have to be this way. 

I know from my personal experience that coaching can be a game changer. 

When I was first dealing with my adrenal issues and my gastrointestinal issues I had ideas about what I needed to do or what would actually help me but I didn't have the experience to give me confidence in what I should or shouldn't be doing

Just as a simple example: 

Sometimes it's completely normal (and expected) to feel worse before you feel better, but imagine not knowing or understanding this fact when you make changes to your health regimen. 

You might think you are on the completely wrong track when in reality you are heading in the right direction

This is the same kind of thing I see in patients all the time. 

They have a basic understanding of what to do but they don't have the confidence or experience to know what comes next or how long they should be on this diet or which supplements they should take as second or third line therapy and so on...

And even beyond that, some patients stand to benefit from simple changes but they have trouble actually executing them! 

For these reasons and many more we are rolling back out our coaching program (this time with some new changes). 

We've successfully run many people through our program already with great results and we are ready to re-open it for more. 

We only take a limited number of people and each person stays for several months so we will close down enrollment once that number is reached. 

Eliminate the Guess Work

Believe it or not one of the most difficult aspects of healing is just knowing where to start. 

Diagnosing your issues and conditions is actually the easy part...

Do you have PCOS, Hashimoto's, weight loss resistance, hypothyroidism, leptin resistance, elevated blood sugar, adrenal fatigue or IBS?

Even if you don't know for certain if you have these conditions you probably have a good idea that they are present but that doesn't tell you anything about how to treat them. 

Which of these issues is the most important if you want to lose weight?

How do these conditions impact the types of foods you can or can't eat?

Do you know how calories fit in? What if you're trying to lose weight but maintain muscle mass?

Which supplements do you need to treat these conditions? Are you actually taking too many supplements which could be impacting the absorption of other supplements?

Are you inadvertently sabotaging your weight loss because you are accidentally under-eating or overexercising?

These are the kinds of questions that actually matter and they are often the most difficult questions to find answers to because they change based on the person! 

The point is - navigating these questions can be almost impossible on your own. 

That's why having a health coach who actually UNDERSTANDS these conditions and who has treated patients exactly like you before is invaluable

This kind of approach allows you to feel better faster, experience better results and have confidence in knowing that you are heading in the right direction. 

Which is why I'd like to introduce you to health coaching as an individual 1-on-1 option. 

I've spent a considerable amount of time working with Andrea (my health coach) who specializes in treating difficult to treat patients and who is actively studying, learning, researching and improving therapies with me. 

Coaches like Andrea can dramatically improve your health and help you achieve results like this: 

Before & Afters

sharilyn wp thyroid weight loss before after
Dani before after thyroid weight loss

What to Expect

The goal of coaching is to take your health to the next level. Obviously, this means different things for different people, but our goal is to help you become the best you and get you back to "normal" and to help you feel like yourself. 

Along the way, you may notice some weight loss, an increase in energy, a reduction in brain fog and so on... but this is all gravy! 

The real goal is to help get your body back on track and help you live a long and healthy life

But we know that most people are driven by results, so with that in mind let's talk about some of the potential changes you may experience with health coaching: 

  • Lose Weight and Reset your Metabolism - Weight loss will be impossible unless you know which hormones to evaluate and treat. The secret to long lasting and sustained weight loss is putting together all of the missing pieces. Few providers (doctors included) understand how this process fits together. 
  • Help point you in the right direction with your diet - How many carbs should you eat? How much protein? How much fat is too much? Should you eat low carb if you have adrenal problems? Will nightshades increase your antibody levels? Will the ketogenic diet help with weight loss? The right dietary advice is crucial for success and unless you have an understanding of all of these components, fixing your diet can be very difficult. 
  • Help put you on the right track to healing your thyroid - This complicated topic includes which medications may be best for your body, how to determine if you are converting T4 to T3 appropriately, which supplements to take to boost conversion/production and how it fits into the bigger picture. 
  • Help balance your hormones for weight loss and more energy - While your thyroid is important you can't forget about estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone, cortisol, insulin and leptin. All of these hormones need to be balanced and in sync to get results. 
  • Help guide you in ordering and understanding your lab results and what they mean for your body -  Your lab tests are critical to understanding the "big picture". Dr. Childs goes over all lab studies with his health coaches to help optimize treatment plans and make sure everyone is on the right track. 
  • Help guide you in using the RIGHT supplements and nutrients - Supplements will be a required and necessary step to a complete healing program. We target supplements at the underlying cause of your issues. 
  • Heal and manage your GI function - Despite the importance of the GI function in health, many providers miss the important connection between your GI tract and your hormones. Fixing bacterial overgrowth syndromes and dysbiosis is necessary for complete healing. 
  • Help heal your Metabolism - So many patients have a damaged metabolism from years of dieting and years of untreated hormone imbalances. If you don't fix your metabolism you will never lose weight and keep it off. We will use Dr. Childs protocols to help heal your metabolism and increase your fat burn. 
  • Help reduce and manage your stress levels - Reducing and managing your stress is essential to improving your energy levels long term. 
  • Help you understand what medications may be beneficial for your body based on your results - Certain medications can actually be helpful if used for short periods of time. We will help determine if these medications will help boost your results.

Meet Your New Coach

Well, it's actually more of a team effort where you will be working with Andrea (who will frequently touch base with Dr. Childs about your health) but hopefully, you already know about me, my journey and my philosophy. 

So instead let me introduce you to the other member of your team: Andrea

Andrea is a health coach who has struggled with autoimmune disease, leptin resistance and thyroid issues. 

Her story is both powerful and inspiring

She was diagnosed early in her life with a very serious autoimmune disease and placed on many different medications all of which made her worse. 

In desperation, she was able to find health through dramatically changing her lifestyle, addressing nutrient deficiencies, optimizing her diet and through proper supplementation. 

Did I mention she also had help? 

Yes, she did a lot on her own but it wasn't until she sought the help of a knowledgeable practitioner that she was able to finally feel better

She is now in remission of her autoimmune disease with the help of the same types of therapies that we recommend in this coaching program. 

Andrea has been working as a health coach for 8+ years and has worked closely with Dr. Childs for over 3 years and together they have helped many, many patients. 

To this day she is still iterating on therapies, trying new things, sharing research with Dr. Childs and so on. 

She is well versed in advanced dietary therapies, supplement management, hormone management, thyroid patients and weight loss resistant patients

We have set up this program to include both Dr. Childs and Andrea to help you along your journey. 

All of your visits will be via telephone/Skype with Andrea, but Andrea will communicate with Dr. Childs for guidance as necessary. 

Please note that this program does not make you a patient of Dr. Childs and does not include prescription medications from Dr. Childs. 

4 Month Complete Health and Nutrition Coaching Program

​Don't waste your precious time and energy or the best years of your life away while you feel sick and terrible.

I can't tell you how many patients "tough it out" instead of finding someone who can help them. This approach never works and leads down a path that may turn you into someone you don't even recognize. 

Nothing is more valuable than your health and the one thing you can't turn back is time. 

It's time to take control of your health and start to finally feel better...

What's included in this 4 month program?

  • 7, 1-on-1 phone calls over 4 months with Andrea the Health Coach (3 the first month, 2 the next month, then 1 visit for the following months) - This schedule can be changed and manipulated if necessary. 
  • $300 supplement credit to Dr. Westin Childs supplement store - We will send you supplements out of our store based on your labs and what you need up to a total of $300 free of charge (completely included with free shipping). 
  • Complete and full hormone + comprehensive lab analysis - Dr. Childs and Andrea will personally evaluate labs that you have to help guide treatment (please note that you will need to supply the labs but we can give you a list of labs to request from your Doctor). 
  • Personalized 1-on-1 and recommendations specifically tailored to your symptoms, your labs, and to YOUR body - the same approach that Dr. Childs and Andrea have been using on other patients
  • Updates via voice chat and e-mails in between visits to help keep you on the right track (we use Voxer)
  • Special recommendations regarding thyroid management - We can help you determine if you are on the right medication for your body, which medications you may do well on, if you have thyroid conversion issues, how to manage Hashimoto's and so on
  • Our advanced approach to weight loss - We've been able to achieve impressive results by focusing on fat regulating hormones, resetting body set points and improving metabolism 
  • Specific dietary instructions including meal plans, recipes etc. (we may ask you to change your diet to any of the following depending your situation: ketogenic diet, AIP, leptin diet, macro based diet, moderate carb diet with cycling, paleo based diet, low fodmap's diet, etc. - we will determine which diet you need and help you follow it)
  • Exercise recommendations including how/when and how much you should be exercising, how much is too much for your body and the length of time you should be exercising
  • Supplement recommendations and schedule based on your body and your lab results - including which supplements to take first for best results and how to shape your supplement regimen over time
  • Advanced testing for GI function, adrenal status and nutrient status if necessary - if you need advanced testing we can help you to know which tests are really necessary and help interpret them

Fees and Pricing & How it works

4 Month Health Coaching Package


  • 7, 1 on 1 visits over 4 months with Andrea (3 the first month, 2 the next month, then 1 visit for the following months)
  • $300 credit for supplements from our online store
  • Updates via voice chat in between visits to help keep you on the right track (we use Voxer)
  • Complete and full hormone + comprehensive lab analysis
  • Our advanced approach to thyroid management
  • Our advanced approach to weight loss with a focus on leptin/insulin resistance
  • Dietary instructions including meal plans, recipes etc. (we may ask you to change your diet to any of the following depending your situation: ketogenic diet, AIP, leptin diet, macro based diet, moderate carb diet with cycling, paleo based diet, low fodmap's diet, etc.)
  • Exercise recommendations including how/when and how much you should be exercising
  • Supplement recommendations and schedule based on your body
  • Advanced testing for GI function, adrenal status and nutrient status if necessary

Payment Options:

1x Payment of $2997


4x Payment of $899

 **Program is non-refundable after purchase**

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after you purchase?

You will receive a detailed welcome email which includes all of the information to get started. From there you will be able to schedule your first appointment and given instructions on what information we need to get you started. 

If you already have a set of labs then you can send those over to us (instructions in the email) and Dr. Childs will go over your labs with Andrea prior to your first visit. Labs are not necessary for treatment but they are often very helpful in guiding therapies. 

After your first visit, Andrea will then create a treatment plan for you which will be reviewed by Dr. Childs to ensure you are on the right track.

Andrea and Dr. Childs will communicate with each other about your case as necessary after each visit, but all visits will be with Andrea (your functional nutrition health coach). 

Who will I be working/consulting with?

You will be working solely with Andrea on a 1-on-1 basis. 

All emails and Skype calls will be with Andrea throughout the 4 month program. 

Because this is a coaching program it does NOT include prescription medications which prescriptions for hormones. 

We will, however, make recommendations on what your body needs if you have a physician willing to work with you. 

This may include doses, types of medications/hormones, etc. that your body may benefit from but we cannot provide you with the prescription for these medications. 

The first visit is usually the most important visit because it allows us to help create and tailor your beginning treatment plan to your needs. 

During this visit you will be asked many questions, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and give details about your personal health history. 

At the conclusion, we will create a specific plan tailored to YOU which we can then make changes to as you progress. 

How do the visits/phone calls work?

All visits with Andrea will be through telephone or Skype (if you prefer). 

This means that you can do this program if you are in state, out of state or out of the country. 

To date, our clients have been from around the world! Including Europe, India, Egypt, Australia and the United States. 

We are happy to provide help to people around the world and we can work with you in your time zone to make the visits at a reasonable hour for both of us. 

I have dietary restrictions, will this work for me?


We will work with you to determine what foods you should and should not be eating, how often you should be eating and how much you should be eating. 

We take into account your dietary preferences as well as restrictions you may have for religious reasons or otherwise. 

Do I get a coach to myself?


All of your visits will be 1 on 1 visits with Andrea. We keep the program small (usually no more than 4 people at a time) to help ensure that everyone gets the attention that they need. 

We do not do group calls or anything like that, you get a 1 on 1 personal treatment plan that is specific to you.

Will this program work for me?

We have yet to have a patient that didn't improve in our program, but like anything, in life, we cannot guarantee results.

We can assure you that we use the most advanced treatment guidelines available and we put you front and center in the treatment plans.

Our treatment plans require effort and energy on your part and you will be an active member during the healing process.

Because of this, we recommend that you AVOID signing up for this program if you aren't ready to make changes and you don't believe it will work for you.

We are not here to try and shuttle everyone through this program, instead, we only want people who want to be in it.  

Do I still need a Doctor if I use this program?

Yes. We recommend that you maintain care with your current primary care provider. 

This program is a coaching program and does not include any prescription medications from Dr. Childs or Andrea. 

You do not need a physician or medications for this program to work. 

If necessary, and at your request, we may make recommendations regarding what kinds of medications/hormones may work best for your body. 

Will Dr. Childs treat me if I use this program?

No, this program does not make you a patient of Dr. Childs and Dr. Childs will not personally be treating you. 

This program is designed to be a coaching program, not a medically supervised program with prescription medications. 

Dr. Childs will be involved with your case and he will provide coaching recommendations and discuss your case with Andrea regularly (as often as necessary). 

​How do I get labs and are they included in the price?

Labs are not a required part of this program but if you have labs we will absolutely look at them and evaluate them. 

We can give you a list of labs that we recommend but you will need to get this list from your current provider. 

All of the labs that we recommend are typically covered by insurance and considered "routine". 

The cost of the labs is not covered in the coaching price, but most of the time the labs will be covered by insurance. 

We recommend that you call your insurance company to determine if they will cover the cost of the labs prior to getting them drawn to prevent unknown fees/costs. 

If you prefer and don't want to get new labs drawn, we can use an existing set of labs provided it is within the last 6 months (this is helpful if you are an out of country patient). 

Are supplements included in the program?

As part of purchasing the program, you will get a $300 credit to our supplement store which you can use during your 4 month program. 

Please note that you may need some supplements that we do not carry so there may be some out of pocket cost to you. 

We have access to discounted supplements that we can provide to you for any supplements you may need outside of what is available at our store. 

The cost of supplements that each person will need may vary from individual to individual and we cannot calculate your needs until we see your labs and put you on a program. 

We estimate that you will need somewhere between $100-150 worth of supplements each month. 

What if I live out of state?

Not a problem! 

We can work with you out of state as the visits in this program are done through the telephone, email and voxer (a free app). 

This program will also work well for patients who reside outside of the United States. 

​Can you guarantee that this program will work for me?

Unfortunately, we can't make any guarantee's that our program will work for you. 

We are confident that you will experience improvement but the amount may vary from person to person! It's impossible to predict how well, or how quickly, you will respond to therapies without some element of trial and error. 

Please note that this program is non-refundable after purchase and after your first visit, so only sign up when you are ready! 

Will insurance cover this?

No, this program is not covered under insurance plans. 

What if I live in a different Country? 

You can still undergo this program if you live in a different country. 

We have had success treating patients from across the world ranging from the United Kingdom to India and everywhere in between. 

​What if I have more questions?

If you have further questions about how to get started please email our office here: [email protected]

Is this program refundable?

This program is nonrefundable after purchase. 

The reason is that we spend a significant amount of time formulating each individual treatment plan and we put our heart and soul into your success! 

We also spend time discussing your case in between phone calls, answering email questions, creating diet plans and iterating on how we can help you - all of this requires time. 

Because we do not offer a refund on this program we suggest that only very serious patients purchase this program! 

How can I get started?​

Click the link above to purchase the 4 month coaching program. 

After purchasing you will receive an email with further instructions, a welcome packet and information on how to go about scheduling your initial consultation.

We will do our best to get you in on the schedule within 2 weeks or so, so please prepare accordingly. 

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