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Hypothyroidism and acne

Why Hypothyroidism Causes Acne & What to do About it

Acne can be tricky to treat unless you know exactly what is causing it.  And figuring that out can be a problem – especially if your approach has been to just throw different kinds of lotions and creams all over your skin.  You see: Acne is a condition that usually reflects a problem that is …

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thyroid weight loss case study

Thyroid Weight Loss Case Study: 42 Pounds Lost on T3 & NDT

Once Kathy had the right diagnosis and treatment plan in place she was able to lose 42 pounds in a matter of months… But the real question is: Why did it take her 5+ doctors to find and treat her and what does it take to help thyroid patients lose this kind of weight? ​The …

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Hypothyroidism diet guide (foods to eat and foods to avoid)

The Best Diet For Hypothyroidism: These Will Help You Feel Better

Diet is one of the most important parts of treating your hypothyroidism.  Not only can it help you lose weight, but diet also plays an important role in reducing symptoms. That means eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can impact how much energy you have, and your waistline and help you to …

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The complete list of Cytomel side effects

Cytomel Side Effects: Complete List & Dosing Guide

Cytomel is the most powerful thyroid medication which means that it can also have some powerful side effects.  If you’re taking Cytomel and wondering if you are experiencing side effects then sit tight because we are going to dive into everything you need to know about this medication.  For instance… Did you know that Cytomel …

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Levothyroxin side effects, the complete guide, including dosing guide for patients

Levothyroxine Side Effects: Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Loss & More

If you just started levothyroxine and you are wondering about side effects, I know what you are worried about: Is levothyroxine actually working for me? Why do I still feel bad if I’m on thyroid medication? How long will it take for me to start feeling BETTER? Are my new symptoms caused by levothyroxine? Why am I still gaining weight …

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Levothyroxine dosage guide

Levothyroxine Dosage Guide: Are you on the Right Dose?

Are you on the right Dosage of Levothyroxine for YOUR body? If you are on Levothyroxine and NOT feeling better, then one or more of these things might be happening to you: You are not on a high enough dose You are on the WRONG type of T4 thyroid medication You are not absorbing thyroid hormone …

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Armour thyroid medication guide - weight loss, dosing guide, side effects and more

How to Use Armour Thyroid For Weight Loss – Why it’s Not Working

Will taking Armour thyroid help you lose weight, feel better, and have more energy? That is the question that many patients have and one of the main reasons they want to at least give Armour thyroid a try.  Armour thyroid is a special thyroid medication that is formulated to include ALL of the thyroid hormones …

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The complete guide to using naturethroid

The Complete Guide to using Nature-Throid for Thyroid Patients

Update 8/17/23: Nature-Throid is still not available, however, this information is still updated and relevant. Please see this post for more updated information regarding the status of Nature-throid and when it may come back in stock.* Is Nature-throid the missing link to helping you FINALLY feel better? The short answer: Maybe… Like most things in …

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How to find the best thyroid medication for your body - levothyroxine vs NDT vs T3

Thyroid Medication: Levothyroxine vs NDT vs T3 – Which is Best?

This post will teach you everything you need to know about thyroid medications, how to use them correctly, how to pick the best medication for your body, and other tips and tricks to help you along the way.  Feel confused about which thyroid medication you should be on? or which one is the best? You’re …

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